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University of Bath

PsycINFO Resource Guide

This PDF guide will show you how to search in the PsycINFO database and how to check availability of articles related to psychology topics in the Library.

PsycINFO is one of four behavioural and social sciences databases on the APA PsycNET platform:

PsycARTICLES – A full-text database of 100+ peer-reviewed journals from the American Psychological Association (APA) and associated publishers.

PsycEXTRA – A bibliographic and full-text database of ‘grey literature’ (non-peer-reviewed literature), including newsletters, government reports, conference papers, fact sheets, webpages, and blogs.

PsycINFO – A bibliographic database that indexes 2,400+ peer-reviewed journals, plus selected books, theses and dissertations.

PsycTESTS – A bibliographic and full-text database of measures, scales, surveys and other instruments.

The four databases share the same interface and have similar functions, so it is easy to switch from one database to another.