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University of Bath

Support to Study Tool

Download the easy to use form.

Using the Support to Study Tool

  1. Contact the student and arrange a time to meet.
  2. In your meeting with the student, work through the first page of the Support to Study tool. This will help you to better understand their situation and support needs.
  3. Use this conversation to start to develop an action plan for the student. This will include their goals and the actions that they, and you, commit to in order to meet these goals.
  4. Record the action plan using page 2 of the tool.
  5. Arrange with the student a time for your next meeting and if/how you should maintain contact until their next meeting.
  6. Email a copy of the Student Support tool to the student for their records.

To download this file you must be connected to the University of Bath network or log in with your University username and password.