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Advanced Design and Manufacturing Centre (ADM@Bath)

Our research looks to the future of design and manufacturing, covering all the lifecycle stages for products, processes and systems.

Our research environment

We specialise in design and manufacturing through the whole life cycle.

Our work

Our research tackles the global and social challenges faced by industrial sectors now and in the future.

Our facilities

We have equipment for advanced design and manufacturing.

About us

We are an interdisciplinary team using data, information and knowledge to achieve whole-life value from products, systems and services. Our work spans creativity in the early design stages, creation of new materials and processes, lifecycle, design methods and manufacturing systems. Our aim is to provide governments, manufacturing industries and researchers with innovative methods and tools to maximise value from current and emerging manufacturing technologies.

Contact us

Whether you want to study with us, collaborate on research or have a particular problem you need solved, we'd like to hear from you.