Centre for Therapeutic Innovation

We transform and translate innovation in drug discovery and development to create effective medicines for the benefit of patients.

Our research

The work of the centre is helping to translate discoveries into new ways to diagnose and treat diseases such as inflammatory arthritis, lung fibrosis, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Our research is split into two core areas.

Inflammatory disease

Immune cell

We conduct translational research in the area of inflammation and immune regulation with a focus on rheumatology, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Drug delivery

Person using an inhaler

We aim to improve formulations to increase the rate and extent of drug absorption at its site of administration.


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CTI Bath International Showcase 2019

25 Jun 2019 9.00am The Edge, University of Bath

Fostering the development of basic research into therapeutic diagnostics and innovation, and translation into biotechnology.

Case studies

We're working to deliver new medicines and improve human health.

Work with us

We are committed to bringing together multiple disciplines across science and engineering to address unmet medical needs.

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There are master's and PhD opportunities across the different disciplines.

About us

We work with industrial and clinical partners to accelerate and maximise translational innovation to deliver new medicines and improve human health.

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