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Turbomachinery Research Centre

We investigate the theoretical, computational and experimental modelling of heat transfer and fluid flow related to turbomachinery.

Research impact

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Current projects

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Hot gas ingestion in gas turbines

The 1.5-stage gas turbine test facility. The facility is used to investigate hot gas ingestion into upstream and downstream wheel-spaces of an axial gas turbine.

Ingress is one of the most important of the cooling-air problems, with considerable international research effort devoted to finding acceptable design criteria.

Combined film and internal cooling

Person using the film cooling rig in a lab

Our project will build a highly-modular rig to obtain fluid dynamic and heat transfer data on test pieces subjected to coupled film and internal cooling.

Our people

Our academics and researchers are finding innovative approaches to gas turbine research. Their activities are generating benefits for industry, the environment and society.

About Us

We conduct fundamental work to measure, compute and understand flow and heat transfer related to turbomachinery. We use generic, fully-instrumented experiments designed for instrumentation access.

We have industrial collaborations with Siemens AG, Siements Industrial Turbomachinery, Rolls Royce, Safran Aero Engines and Cross Manufacturing. We also receive research funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

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