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Opening in 2021, our specialist hub supports collaborative research with the automotive industry to develop future generations of ultra-low emissions vehicles.

Our propulsion systems expertise

IAAPS builds on a strong track record of delivering propulsion system research with impact at Bath. For the last 40 years, our approach has been to align research conducted by some of the world's best engineers with specific industrial challenges.

Download our IAAPS Brochure

An introduction to IAAPS, showcasing the expertise and world-class facilities that will be available for collaborative R&I and transformational research.

Our research

Building on the excellent track record of our propulsion system research, we focus on addressing key issues faced by the automotive sector. We will continue to align our research and innovation with industry to support them on the Road to Zero.

Our people

IAAPS brings together the brightest talent to collaborate across academia and industry to support the rapid development of ultra-low and zero emission vehicles.

IAAPS Research Team

IAAPS research team working on automotive propulsion system research into the development of ultra-low and zero emission vehicles

IAAPS Operations Team

The IAAPS Operations Team is responsible for the development and delivery of the new institute to ensure full operational implementation in 2021.

Our automotive engineering courses

The University of Bath runs an extensive educational programme for automotive engineers, which includes our popular undergraduate MEng degrees, our one-year full-time MSc and our newly launched integrated PhD.

The advanced engineering business hub

The University has been awarded £1.5 million to deliver start-up, scale-up, open innovation and investment support to grow innovative businesses in the West of England. At IAAPS, we are providing access to our expertise and research partnerships.

Latest news and events

IAAPS has moved into an exciting stage of development as the vision and ideas behind the new facility start to take shape.

Our funders

With the help of our funders, we will stimulate over £67 million in additional automotive research investment by 2025. This will create an extra turnover of £800 million for the UK automotive sector while supporting nearly 1900 new highly productive jobs.

Research England

Research England logo

Research England has committed capital investment of £28.9 million to enable construction of the £70m IAAPS facility to start in 2019.

About us

We are opening our new institute, based at the Bristol and Bath Science Park, in 2021. Unique to the UK, it offers access to advanced equipment and demonstration space to support partnerships in breakthrough technologies.

We combine academic and industry expertise to deliver transformational research. We will help deliver the cars of the future, secure jobs and investment, and make sure the UK remains globally competitive in automotive propulsion.

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