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We provide mathematics, statistics and machine learning consultancy, and support research in all sectors.

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Mathematics is a powerful tool which delivers insight and solves complex real-world challenges.

Case studies

Our client base includes start-ups, businesses from a variety of sectors, global multinationals and public sector organisations.

Selected case studies

Read our selected case studies on how mathematicians at the University have helped deliver insight and solutions to real-world challenges.

Research projects

We conduct applied mathematics research and help solve complex challenges in academic and private sector research projects.

Driving socio-economic development

Ariel view of Silicon Valley

This research project seeks to uncover ways policy makers can stimulate socio-economic development, and aims to deliver policy intervention evaluation tools.

Programmes and schemes

We offer research internships, support internal secondments to the IMI, and have funding available for research visits and academic workshops.

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Delegates at a Univesity workshop.

We have funds available to support academic researchers at the University wishing to host a workshop involving an element of mathematics or data science.

Upcoming events

We organise conferences, host public lectures, and welcome senior academic visitors.

The maths of life and death (London)

5 Sep 2019 6.00pm Garry Weston Library, Southwark Cathedral, London

Science communicator Dr Kit Yates shares real and life changing stories of where the use (or abuse) of mathematics has played a critical role.

How maths can save the whales (London)

13 Oct 2019 10.45am ExCeL, London

IMI Deputy Director, Professor Chris Budd describes how maths plays a vital role in keeping whales safe from collision with ships and damage in oil exploration.


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IMI is a recognised leader in applied mathematics. We assist companies, researchers and public sector organisations with solving complex real-world challenges.

Our powerful multi-disciplinary approach has enabled us to develop fully-fledged solutions to our clients in sectors as diverse as agri-food, aerospace, energy, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, natural resource management, pharmaceuticals and retail.

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