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Student Living

There is plenty of support available to make your life on campus as comfortable as possible. Find out more about how you can make the most of your time at Bath.

We're here for you

Starting life at University can come with a few new challenges. That's why our Student Living Welfare and Support team are here to help.

The Student Living and Welfare Support team are here to support your transition into student life, by developing a sense of community in University halls, connecting you with key services, and helping you with any issues or welfare needs while you're living in University accommodation.

Settling into your new home, building relationships, cooking meals and cleaning with your housemates are all common situations that everyone faces when starting University.

The Student Living Ambassadors are friendly faces to help out with any queries or concerns you may have, as well as running social activities and making sure you're aware of the latest events and updates.

Your Student Living Ambassadors will regularly check-in with you and your flatmates via Microsoft Teams calls. However, if you need help or advice with life in halls, you can schedule a one-to-one call with a Student Living Ambassador at any time by contacting

How we can support you

Find out what our Student Living Ambassadors are here for, and how they can help you to find your place at Bath. If you're joining the University from overseas, click through to the second video for information on settling in to your new home.

What to do in common situations

When sharing a home at University, it's normal to come across new challenges.

We've put together some top tips for dealing with disagreements and difficulties, to help you to feel prepared and supported.

From helping your flatmates through relationship troubles to studying in a noisy house, we're here to help you feel happy and settled in your University home.

10 top tips for living with housemates

These top tips are designed to ease any anxiety and worry about embarking on your new journey, and help you easily build new relationships.

You can contact the Student Living Welfare and Support Team at any time on for help with things like flatmate disagreements, cleaning, noise or anti-social behaviour in your accommodation, welfare support and general life in halls.

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5 steps to mental wellbeing

Trying these things could help you feel more positive, and able to get the most out of life.

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How to be a great housemate

Follow these simple steps to be the best housemate you can be, and help to build great relationships in your accommodation.

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A day in the life of a Student Living Ambassador

Get to know what our Student Living Ambassadors get up to, and how they can help you during your time at Bath.

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Shared Living Agreement

This agreement is designed to help you get the most out of living with each other.

The Shared Living Agreement is a set of guidelines that you and your housemates agree to follow during your time living in student accommodation.

It is helpful to have these conversations early, as it can be a great opportunity to get to know your housemates better and discuss expectations about living together.

Coming to an agreement may mean making compromises, so make sure you are ready to make some sacrifices. It is important that everyone feels comfortable and at home in shared accommodation.

“The Student Living and Welfare Team have been fantastic in supporting me over my period of self-isolation and beyond.

Regular calls and check-ins from the friendly team really helped boost morale over this otherwise tough period, and made for a pleasant surprise on multiple occasions. The staff have been great in offering invaluable advice on all manner of topics, spanning from next year’s accommodation arrangements, to ways to stay active over lockdown – as well as lending a much appreciated listening ear!”

Jessica, first-year Quantock resident

Finding private sector accommodation

Our team are here to help you to move into private sector accommodation when it's time to move out of University halls.

Around December, you'll need to start thinking about finding a place to live for the next academic year.

This will usually be privately rented accommodation, like a shared house or flat, a studio apartment, or lodging in a landlord's home.

Our Student Living and Welfare Support team are here to support you in finding private sector accommodation, as well as giving advice on things like costs, deposits and guarantors.

We're here to talk

Contact the Living Support team for help with feeling at home at University