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University of Bath

39th Cement and Concrete Science Conference sponsors and exhibitors

Our conference is sponsored by national and international companies, working at the forefront of the construction, materials and civil engineering industries.

You'll have the opportunity to meet with our sponsors and exhibitors during the conference.

    • Carbolite Gero Ltd manufactures high temperature laboratory and industrial furnaces and ovens, focusing on vacuum and special atmosphere technology. Carbolite Gero logo
    • Hiden Isochema designs and manufactures gas and vapor sorption instrumentation for applications in surface chemistry and materials science. Hiden Isochema logo
    • Malvern Panalyptical provides scientific instrumentation to measure elemental concentrations, crystallographic structure, molecular structure, and more. Malvern Panalyptical logo
    • Netzsch engages in the manufacture of machinery and instrumentation worldwide. Netzsch logo
    • Retsch provides neutral-to-analysis sample preparation and characterisation of solids. Retsch logo
    • Sika is a chemical company, specialising in building and motor vehicle supplies. Sika logo
    • Surface Measurement Systems develops innovative techniques and solutions for the physico-chemical characterisation of complex solids. Surface Measurement Systems logo
    • Carl Zeiss Microscopy is part of the Carl Zeiss group, a leading organisation of companies in the optical and optoelectronic industry. Zeiss logo
    • ZwickRoell supplies materials testing machines for research and development, and quality assurance for a range of industries worldwide. ZwickRoell logo