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Team Profiles

Our teams and committees, what they do and who their members are.

Team Profiles about: university.

  • Academic Assembly

    Academic Assembly is the statutory body representing academic staff in the governance structure of the University.

  • Academic Programmes Committee

    Is responsible to Senate for development of the Unviersity's portfolio of programmes and collaborative provision in accordance with the University Strategy.

  • Academic Skills Programme (ASP) Staff

    We provide academic skills support across the University. We run courses, sessions and provide one-to-one support. Find out who we are and how we help you.

  • Academic Staff Committee

    The Academic Staff Committee makes decisions on behalf of Senate relating to the appointment and progression of staff in the Education and Research job family.

  • Admissions Systems and Processes

    We support the University's admissions systems and processes, helping the University meet its student recruitment objectives.

  • Audit Committee

    The committee is responsible to Council for reviewing the effectiveness of arrangements for internal control, risk management, governance and value for money.