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University of Bath

AAPS students starting in 2019

PhD students who started at the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems (AAPS) in 2019.

group picture of AAPS cohort

    Thomas's research interests are in high efficiency photovoltaic titanium oxide cells and novel approaches to cleaner and more sustainable propulsion systems.

    Rob's research interests are in the area of structural battery technologies in electric vehicles.

    Verena's research focuses on the influence of intelligent system technology on future business models and strategy.

    Ciaran is combining chemistry with engineering to research new materials for automotive tribo-chemistry.

    Catherine's research focuses on interactions between different classes of road users and the influence of autonomous technologies, driver assistance systems, and ‘smart’ infrastructure.

    Edgar's research interests include thermo-mechanical simulations, systems integration and sustainable automotive technologies.

    Vicentiu's research interests lie in the combustion process of hydrous ethanol and its suitability as a renewable source of energy for thermal propulsion systems.

    Elisabetta's research interests cover Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and hydrogen-fuelled vehicles.

    Alex's research focuses on internal combustion engines and futuristic hybrid powertrain systems.

    Immanuel's research interest include investigating renewable and carbon-neutral fuels.