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University of Bath

Careers Advisers and Acting Careers Service Lead

We provide expert and confidential advice to students, deliver skills workshops and talks and provide bespoke support to academic departments.

There are a variety of appointments offered by the careers service; for more information please visit the following page all about the different appointment types and how to book.

  • Skills development workshops
  • Bespoke support to academic departments

Acting Careers Service Lead

    • Ghislaine Dell, Acting Careers Service Lead and Careers Adviser for the Faculty of Engineering and Design

Careers Advisers

    • Anne Cameron, Researchers Careers Development Adviser
    • Aste Dahl, Careers Adviser for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and School of Management.
    • Saiyada Fazal, Careers Adviser for the Faculty of Science
    • Gaynor Henry, Careers Adviser
    • Melanie Wortham, Careers Adviser with specialist responsibility for students from non-traditional backgrounds and students with disabilities

Application Advisers