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University of Bath

Centre for Energy and the Design of Environments doctoral students

Our doctoral students are working with our academic staff to carry out research across the remit of the Centre for Energy and the Design of Environments.

Our doctoral (PhD) students are:

    • Badr Alotaibi
      Badr's research aims to establish a more rigorous methodology to evaluate inpatient thermal comfort level in hospitals in hot climates.
    • Bashar Al Shawa
      Bashar's research aims to configure building energy codes to counter projected growth of the built environment and ensure that carbon-reduction targets of the sector are achieved.
    • Abdulla Alnuaimi
      Abdulla's research aims to reduce the over-cooling of buildings in warm regions
    • Petros Ampatzidis
      Petros' research is on green and blue space in the urban environment as a climate change mitigation strategy.
    • Berrak Balci
      Berrak's research aims to develop an optimized, climate responsive solar-tracking shading system for building facades
    • Rana Elnaklah
      Rana's research aims to investigate the impact of indoor environmental quality of certified-green office buildings on occupants' work performance.
    • Daniel Fosas de Pando.
      Daniel's research is on indoor overheating in buildings, in particular passive strategies and evaluation methods.
    • Caroline Hughes
    • Noorullah Kuchai
    • Marta Leskard
      Marta's research project is to validate the viability of using a highly hygroscopic construction material, hemp-lime concrete, to achieve passive or low energy moisture control in museum storage buildings.
    • Elisabetta Maria Patane
    • Rachel Mitchell
    • Shaghayegh Mohammad
    • Zhenzhou Weng
      Weng's research focuses on the application of interactive visualisations in the education of building physics and environmental design for architects.
    • Amber Wismayer
    • Carlos Zepeda Gil