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University of Bath

Centre for Orthopaedic Biomechanics research team

Our Centre involve academics from different stages of their careers. Our research students and postdoctoral researchers are valued members of our team.

Our postdoctoral researchers and research students carry out research in areas including:

  • biomechanics of joint arthroplasty
  • fracture fixation
  • orthopaedic biomaterials
  • spinal biomechanics
  • tissue engineering and other medically-related projects

They are excellent ambassadors for biomechanics and engineering in general. They often get involved in outreach activities.

Postdoctoral researchers

Research students

Past research students

    Our center has many distinguished alumni.

    Name Award (date) Thesis Supervisors
    Abdullah Alshuhri PhD (2016) Non-invasive diagnostic techniques for the detection of acetabular component loosening in total hip replacement Dr J L Cunningham, Prof A.W. Miles
    Jason Forder PhD (2016) Growing implants for the treatment of early onset scoliosis Dr S Gheduzzi, Prof H S Gill
    Samantha Wright PhD (2015) Strain Distribution in the Tibia as a function of applied loading through a revision total knee replacement Prof A W Miles, Dr S Gheduzzi
    Christopher Brampton PhD (2015) Applications of level set topology optimisation Dr J L Cunningham, Dr H K Kim
    Emilie Crosnier PhD (2015) Initial stability of press-fit acetabular components in total hip replacements Prof A W Miles, Prof P S Keogh
    Lisa Coles PhD (2015) Functional kinematic study of knee replacement: the effect of implant design and alignment on the patellofemoral joint Prof A.W. Miles, Dr S Gheduzzi
    Sarah Sydney PhD (2013) Investigation of fixation and fluid pressure on acetabular cup fixation Prof A W Miles, Dr I G Turner
    Tim Adlam PhD (2012) The design of compliant seating for children with severe whole body extensor spasms Prof A W Miles, Dr Elies Dekoninck
    Tim Holsgrove PhD (2012) A dynamic pre-clinical testing protocol for intervertebral disc replacement devices Dr S Gheduzzi, Prof A W Miles
    Robin Long PhD (2012) The biomechanics of hinged total knee replacements: An in vitro comparative evaluation of five protheses Dr S Gheduzzi, Prof A W Miles
    Michael Ayers PhD (2011) Understanding impaction grafting: a numerical and experimental approach Dr S Gheduzzi, Dr S E Clift
    Toby Jameson PhD (2010) Development of pre-clinical testing of immediate post-operative stability of uncemented stemmed-implants used in total hip arthroplasty Dr S Gheduzzi, Prof A W Miles
    Shiying Hao PhD (2010) An implantable electronic system for in vivo stability evaluation of prostheses in total hip and knee arthroplasty Prof J T Taylor, Prof A W Miles
    Mark Mitchell PhD (2009) The development of a bioreactor for the tissue engineering of anterior cruciate ligaments Dr S Gheduzzi, Prof A W Miles
    Ruggero Gabbrielli PhD (2009) Foam geometry and structural design of porous material Prof C R Bowen, Dr I G Turner
    Frances Baxter PhD (2009) Electrically active ceramics for bone graft substitution Dr I G Turner, Prof C R Bowen, Prof J Chaudhuri
    Hazel Boyd PhD (2009) Measurement of functional wrist motion Prof A W Miles, Dr D G Tilley
    Paul Drayton MPhil (2009) Biomechanical investigation of tendon repair Prof A W Miles, Dr J L Cunningham
    John Vickerstaffe MPhil (2008) The influence of design on the wear of total ankle replacement Dr J L Cunningham, Prof A W Miles
    Andrea Macchetta MPhil (2008) Fabrication and analysis of highly porous hydroxyapatite/tricalcium phosphate ceramics via the implementation of a novel freeze casting technique Dr I G Turner, Prof C R Bowen
    Siu Yan Mak PhD (2007) Mechanical factors influencing impaction bone grafting Prof A W Miles, Dr JL Cunningham
    Jeremy Clements PhD (2006) Design and development of pre-clinical hip stem stability testing methods Prof A W Miles, Dr S Gheduzzi
    Jerry Lin PhD (2006) Mathematical modelling of the human cardiopulmonary system Dr D G Tilley, Dr R F Ngwompo
    Sam Blakemore PhD (2006) Development and application of testing techniques to assess the integrity of film coated pharmaceutical tablets Dr I G Turner
    Mark Schmitz PhD (2005) Exploration of mechanical factors in the failure of femoral hip implants Dr S E Clift
    Jon Gittings PhD (2005) Fabrication and properties of novel open porous calcium phosphate bioceramics Dr I G Turner, Prof A W Miles
    Dan Sirkett PhD (2004) Investigating the influence of contact area on carpal bone motion Prof A W Miles
    Emma Williams PhD (2004) Materials properties of conventional urinary catheters and a new design of catheter with a braided structure Dr I G Turner
    Brian Casey PhD (2003) Novel fabrication techniques for the production of porous biphasic calcium phosphate ceramics for bone substitute application Dr I G Turner, Prof A W Miles
    Bernd P Grimm PhD (2003) Mechanical properties of morsellised bone graft and synthetic graft extenders for impaction grafting Dr I G Turner, Prof A W Miles
    Gerard Insley PhD (2003) The characterisation of next generation ceramic bearings for orthopaedic hip applications Dr I G Turner