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University of Bath

Centre for Sustainable Power Distribution postgraduate researchers

We are postgraduate students working towards our doctorates in research themes accociated with the centre.

We conduct research into themes such as:

  • electrical network charging
  • electricity markets (including peer-to-peer trading)
  • big data analytics in power systems
  • multi-energy systems
  • phase imbalance in low voltage networks
  • distribution network fault analysis and management
  • super-conducting Fault Current Limiters
  • DC circuit breakers

    • Mike Brian Ndawula, power system reliability
    • Haiwen Qin, local markets and systems performance
    • Lanqin Shan, distributed local markets
    • Chi Zhang, energy forecasting
    • Jianwei Li, investigation of Spare Network Capacity Leasing Strategy for Distribution Networks
    • Yunting Liu, network pricing for smart electricity system
    • Yanyun Du, mass Home Energy Management System (EMS) for Smart Energy Systems
    • Yichen Shen, resilient multi-energy system
    • Can Tang, Local multi-vector energy system operation with robust dynamic optimisation
    • Xinhe Yang, network pricing for smart grid under severe uncertain energy landscape
    • Yajun Zhang, distributed local energy trading for smart energy system
    • Pengfei Zhao, intelligient decision making for smart city management
    • Xuyang Wang, planning strategies for distribution network resilience enhancement
    • Yuanbin Zhu, advanced integrated methodology using informatics to faciliate energy system resilience
    • Junlong Li, edge-cloud computing system to enable smart operability of energy systems
    • Shuang Cheng, smart grid modelling, operation and planning
    • Shuangqi Li, vehicle-to-Grid management in hybrid AC/DC microgrids: A Cyber-physical system perspective
    • Xinyuan He, resilience of interdependent infrastructures
    • Lurui Fang, three-phase imbalance for low voltage networks
    • Renjie Wei, EV and energy management
    • Tian Gan, optimising ground-source heat pump system with second-life batteries
    • Jiawen Xi, solid-state DC circuit breakers
    • Boyuan Yin, hybrid DC circuit breakers
    • Moanis Khedr, superconducting power convertors
    • Jiahang Li, numerical analysis in power system simulation