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University of Bath

Commercial Research Associates

IMI's Commercial Research Associates (CRAs) bring advanced mathematically-based approaches to collaborations with business and academia.

Our CRAs are highly versatile specialists in applied mathematics and statistics. They provide expert input into wide ranging business and public sector challenges, including all aspects of big data analysis, mathematical modelling or the development of machine learning algorithms.

The team also provides mathematical sciences expertise to academic colleagues and contributes to interdisciplinary research projects at the University.


  • Beate Ehrhardt

    Commercial Research Associate
    Dr Beate Ehrhardt

    Beate specialises in machine learning, hypothesis testing, Bayesian statistics and optimal experimental design.

  • Laura Hattam

    Commercial Research Associate
    Dr Laura Hattam

    Laura specialises in multi-scaled models, dynamical systems, fluid flow analysis and energy sector forecasting.

  • Lorna Wilson

    Commercial Research Associate
    Dr Lorna Wilson

    Lorna specialises in stochastic and deterministic modelling, collective dynamics, and systems exhibiting periodicity or cyclic behaviour.