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University of Bath

Department Research Ethics Officers

Specific responsibility for the management of ethical issues raised by the research work of the department/school.

Each Head of Department /School will appoint an officer with specific responsibility for the management of ethical issues raised by research work of the Department/School. It is anticipated that the main function will be that of auditor, with the provision of some guidance and awareness-raising amongst colleagues and students as appropriate.


    Department/School Research Ethics Officers
    Architecture & Civil Engineering Dr Kevin Paine
    Biology and Biochemistry Professor David Tosh
    Chemical Engineering Dr Benedek Plosz
    Chemistry Professor Frank Marken
    Computer Science Professor Steve Payne
    Economics Dr Alistair Hunt
    Education Dr Lizzie Milligan
    Electronic & Electrial Engineering Dr Kang Ma
    Health Dr James Betts
    Institute for Policy Research Dr Charlie Larkin
    Management Dr Tahiru Liedong
    Management (Deputy DREO) Amanda Willmott
    Mathematical Sciences Dr Nicole Augustin
    Mechanical Engineering Dr Zhijin Wang
    Pharmacy & Pharmacology Dr Jenny Scott
    Physics Dr Stijn Wuyts
    Politics, Languages & International Studies Dr Jorge Marco
    Psychology Dr Chris Ashwin
    Social & Policy Sciences Dr Kate Woodthorpe