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University of Bath

Executive and Management Team of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Statistical Applied Mathematics

We work with potential supervisors from the Department and across the University to deliver a successful Centre.

We are core staff who manage the Centre on a daily basis.


  • Andreas Kyprianou

    Professor Andreas Kyprianou
    Andreas Kyprianou

    Andreas is interested in Lévy and self-similar Markov processes as well as stochastic particle processes which branch and coalesce. He's Co-Director of SAMBa.

  • Paul Milewski

    Head of Department of Mathematical Sciences
    Paul Milewski

    Paul Milewski is responsible for the teaching, research and strategic planning in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. He is also Co-Director of SAMBa.

  • Susie Douglas

    Co-Director (non academic) SAMBa and University CDT lead
    portrait of Susie Douglas

    Susie oversees the strategic direction and operation of the SAMBa CDT. She works across University CDTs to add value to the research and training portfolio.

  • Lou Adkin

    SAMBa Coordinator

    Lou delivers the administrative support for SAMBa, oversees the admissions process, and supports programme delivery.

  • Lindsay Melling

    Operations Officer - SAMBa
    Portrait of Lindsay Melling

    Lindsay delivers the operational aspects of the SAMBa CDT, including the Integrative Think Tanks

  • Alex Cox

    Dr Alex Cox - Reader
    Alex Cox

    Alex is interested in questions arising in probability and their applications in mathematical finance.

  • Silvia Gazzola

    Dr Silvia Gazzola - Lecturer
    Silvia Gazzola

    Silvia is interested in regularization methods for inverse problems, with a particular focus on numerical linear algebra techniques and imaging applications.

  • Matt Nunes

    Dr Matt Nunes - Reader
    Matt Nunes

    Matt is interested in time series and image signal processing. He is also working on problems motivated by network data.

  • Tristan Pryer

    Dr Tristan Pryer - Reader

    Tristan is interested in numerical methods, PDEs and everything in between. One aspect of his research involves prediction and effect of natural disasters.

  • Theresa Smith

    Dr Theresa Smith - Lecturer

    Theresa is a lecturer in the Statistics Group for the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

  • Philippe Trinh

    Dr Philippe Trinh - Lecturer in Applied Mathematics

    Philippe is a lecturer in applied mathematics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences.