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University of Bath

IAAPS Industrial Engagement Team

We foster a collaborative environment between researchers and industry to tackle real-world challenges using transformative research and experimental expertise.

The automotive sector needs innovative answers to address the diverse opportunities and challenges of today’s market. Cutting-edge solutions are needed to deliver efficient and sustainable vehicles. IAAPS brings together leading researchers in powertrain engineering, world-class research facilities and state-of-the-art analysis tools. We help companies to develop, optimise and assess all aspects of powertrain technology, offering extensive experimental capabilities for engine, transmission and turbomachinery research. Increasingly, these programmes deliver datasets that support accurate simulation and analysis of complex powertrain systems. We can help build consortia and locate funding opportunities to get your company to the next stage in its growth. We can also help you get the most from new concepts, technology and innovative ideas, provide expert input into and accelerate the development processes, bridging the gap between R&D and production in the automotive sector.

    Andrew Pennycott, Automotive Development Engineer

    Andrew Pennycott

    Dr Andrew Pennycott is an Automotive Development Engineer within IAAPS at the University of Bath. He received MEng and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Glasgow in 2004 and 2008, respectively, and is a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. His research focuses on control, modelling and estimation methods for internal combustion engines, as well as turbocharging and emissions control technology. His research roles have had a strong emphasis on collaboration with industry. He also has experience in engineering consultancy and software development in industry, where he has held R&D and project management roles. He has expertise in control design, model development, simulation methods, testing, data analysis and programming.

    Robert Wragge-Morley, Automotive Development Associate

    Robert Wragge-Morley

    Dr Robert Wragge-Morley has the role of Automotive Development Associate within IAAPS at the University of Bath. He received both his MEng and PhD degrees from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bristol. His research interests include: powertrain control systems, especially related to hybrid and electrified powertrain energy management, driver behaviour and driver-vehicle interaction and the impact these have on emissions and RDE testing, and efficiency of mechanical power transmission devices. Throughout his research career to date, he has worked closely with industrial partners including automotive OEMs, SMEs and high performance sports teams on a variety of practical and experimental projects. He has experience of test rig design and implementation, networked control implementation and data collection from both vehicles and scientific hardware and vehicle systems simulation.