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University of Bath

IAAPS Operations Team

The IAAPS Operations Team is responsible for the development and delivery of the new institute to ensure full operational implementation in 2021.

The team's remit covers everything relating to the project, from facility design and the capital build, through to development of commercial partnerships, organisational design, people strategy, staff recruitment and marketing and communication.


  • Gary Hawley

    Dean of the Faculty of Engineering & Design and Executive Director of IAAPS
    Professional portrait photograph of Professor Gary Hawley

    Gary is responsible for teaching, research and strategic planning in the Faculty of Engineering & Design as well as leading the strategic development of IAAPS

  • Gavin Edwards

    IAAPS Programme Director
    Photograph of Gavin Edwards

    Heading up delivery of IAAPS and responsible for overseeing the completion of the building, developing commercial partnerships and delivery of all operations.

  • Rob Oliver

    IAAPS Chief Engineer
    Head shot of Rob Oliver

    Rob is responsible for the technical execution of IAAPS, this includes test systems, building integration and delivery of testing activity.

  • Parvez Akhtar

    IAAPS Business Development Manager
    Photograph of Parvez Akhtar, IAAPS Business Development Manager

    Heading up IAAPS business development and responsible for delivery of commercial and collaborative research partnerships in advanced propulsion systems

  • Gita Samuelsson

    IAAPS Finance Lead

    Responsible for the IAAPS financial and MI strategies through the development of ERP/MI systems and financial control & reporting functions.

  • Sarah Sempala-Ntege

    IAAPS Communications Lead

    Sarah is responsible for the IAAPS communications strategy, ensuring all our stakeholders are kept updated on project developments and its launch in 2021.

  • Lizzie Little

    IAAPS People Lead
    Head shot of Lizzie Little

    Lizzie is covering Tamsin Foxwell's maternity leave and is responsible for designing and delivering HR solutions that enable IAAPS to achieve its objectives

  • Henry Watts

    IAAPS Project Manager
    Head shot of Henry Watts

    Henry is responsible for project-level governance for IAAPS, ensuring the programme keeps to schedule and budget through robust leadership and management.

  • Carole Luckwell

    IAAPS Team Coordinator

    Carole is responsible for providing executive support to the Programme Director and IAAPS Operational team.

  • Jon Hassan

    IAAPS Test Facility Manager

    Jon is responsible for maintaining a schedule of operation that ensures effective utilisation of the facilities and technical staff at IAAPS

  • Tomasz Duda

    IAAPS Technical Specialist
    Head shot of Tomasz Duda

    Tomasz is responsible for the implementation and integration of the rig control system and development of IAAPS' digital twin facilities