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University of Bath

Material and Chemical Characterisation (MC²) team

We are expert analytical scientists and instrument specialists, with extensive experience of a wide range of application areas.

We offer researchers and industrial clients a comprehensive characterisation service. Our duties include providing our expertise to support research, managing high-end analytical equipment and training postgraduate students.


  • John Lowe

    Head of MC² & Senior Instrument Specialist (NMR)
    Dr John Lowe

    John is an NMR Spectroscopist with primary responsibility for managing the NMR facilities based in the Department of Chemistry.

  • Rémi Castaing

    Instrument Specialist - Materials Characterisation
    Dr Rémi Castaing

    Rémi manages the materials characterisation equipment in MC², and supports researchers by giving expert advice.

  • Philip Fletcher

    Senior Instrument Specialist - Electron Microscopy
    Dr Philip Fletcher

    Philip oversees the electron microscopy, X-ray analysis, molecular spectroscopy and scanning probe microscopy instruments, giving advice and providing training.

  • Gabriele Kociok-Kohn

    Instrument Specialist - X-Ray Crystallography
    Dr Gabriele Kociok-Kohn

    Gabriele manages the X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) service within MC². She oversees instrument operation and user training, and provides expert advice on XRD.

  • Samantha Lau

    Instrument Technician
    Samantha Lau

    Samantha supports the instrument specialists in both mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy facilities.

  • Diana Lednitzky

    Instrument Specialist - Bio Electron Microscopy
    Diana Lednitzky

    Diana provides advice and support regarding microscopy and spectroscopy, including image and data collection, sample preparation and user training.

  • Martin Levere

    Instrument Technician
    Dr Martin Levere

    Martin is an Instrument Technician supporting the Instrument Specialists for Mass Spectrometry and Polymer Analysis. He is Radioprotection Supervisor (RPS).

  • Catherine Lyall

    Instrument Specialist - NMR and Reaction Monitoring
    Dr Catherine Lyall

    Catherine oversees the DReaM Facility and also jointly manages the University’s NMR spectrometers.

  • Silvia Martínez Micol

    General Technician - Biology and Microscopy
    Silvia Martínez Micol

    Silvia delivers technical support to services across the MC² portfolio, with a primary responsibility for the biology and microscopy.

  • Kathryn Proctor

    Instrument Specialist - Mass Spectrometry
    Dr Kathryn Proctor

    Kathryn facilitates research by providing training and analytical support in advanced Mass Spectrometry (MS) techniques.

  • Tim Woodman

    Senior Instrument Specialist - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
    Dr Tim Woodman

    Tim is a Senior NMR Spectroscopist, with 24+ years' experience in the field. In addition he has wide experience in synthetic chemistry.

  • Michael Zachariadis

    Instrument Specialist - Bio Imaging
    Dr Michael Zachariadis

    Michael manages the high-end BioImaging instruments in MC², providing support, expert advice & training in image/data acquisition & analysis.