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University of Bath

Portering team

We are responsible for moving boxes and furniture and collecting items.

We can help move boxes, pick up items from print services, and remove or move furniture. You can also request additional carpet cleaning and window cleaning.

We may decide not to move certain items if they are too big or heavy or if we do not have the equipment to safely move items. If this happens, you will need to hire an external company to move the items for you. You will be responsible for making arrangements and paying the company.

There are different portering teams for each building.

Team Leaders

    • Sharon Ventress, Facilities Team Manager
    • Karen Hunter, Facilities Administrator
    • Gary Barrow, Team Leader (5am to 12.50pm)
    • Wesley Hedges, Team Leader (5am to 12.50pm)
    • Lilian McClemont, Team Leader, (5am to 12.50pm)
    • Tracey Tavener, Team Leader (5am to 12.50pm)
    • Sylwia Gubanska, Team Leader (10am to 5.50pm)

Teams by building