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University of Bath

Reactionary Politics Research Group members

View the membership of the Reactionary Politics Research Group.

Members of the Reactionary Politics Research Group conduct research on reactionary movements in politics, and resistance to them.

Group convenors

    Dr Fran Amery

    Fran Amery’s research addresses contemporary struggles around gender and LGBTQ+ equality, with a particular interest in organised transphobia and movements against reproductive rights.

    Dr Sophia Hatzisavvidou

    Sophia Hatzisavvidou’s research focuses on ecological politics, particularly claims of justice and how these give rise to competing responses to global environmental change.

    Recent funded project

    ‘Voices, Spaces, and Scales of Environmental Governance in the South West of Britain’ Funded by the British Academy (2022)

    Dr Aurelien Mondon

    Aurelien Mondon’s research focuses predominantly on the impact of racism and populism on liberal democracies and the mainstreaming of far-right politics through elite discourse.


    Dr Sheree Bekker

    Sheree Bekker's research in this space focuses on the anti-gender movement and its mainstreaming through sport.

    Sheree is currently working on a book project (under contract with Reaktion Books) with Professor Stephen Mumford (Durham University), titled After Women’s Sport.

    Dr George Newth

    George Newth's research focuses on populist articulations of regionalist, nationalist and far-right ideologies, with a particular focus on the history of the Lega Nord and Lega per Salvini Premier.

    Dr Stephen Hall

    Stephen Hall's research focuses on the post-Soviet region and specifically the interplay of autocratic survival strategies and the challenge of autocracies to the global order.

    Professor Stephen Mumford

    Stephen Mumford (he/him) is a professor of metaphysics in the Department of Philosophy at Durham University.

    Stephen has a background in analytic metaphysics which he is now applying to social justice issues such as patriarchy in sport and how racism, misogyny, transphobia and other injustices relate to public health. He is currently working on a book on these themes with Sheree Bekker (Bath).

    Dr Benoit Dillet

    Benoit Dillet’s research focuses on the multidimensional role played by technologies in conditioning political agency. He is particularly interested in the critique of AI hype: to highlight the human cost of existing AI systems, beyond the narrative of future robots and full automation.

    Dr Bryan Clift

    Bryan Clift’s research focuses on the relationship between popular culture (sport, media, film, etc.) and populism and its effects within liberal states.

    Antonia Vaughan

    Antonia Vaughan’s research focuses on the ethics of researching the far right and the mainstreaming of the far right online. The latter considers how reactionary creators communicate, monetise, and normalise extreme ideas on audio-visual platforms.

    Katy Brown

    Katy Brown’s research focuses on the mainstreaming of the far right, specifically examining the role of mainstream actors from politics and the media in normalising far-right discourses.

    Dr Penny Miles

    Penny Miles's research explores two main areas: LGBTQIA+ politics and social movement action in Latin America, and how feminist politics plays out in football's gendered institutions in Chile and Wales.