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University of Bath

Research Computing Group

We help researchers accelerate their scientific discovery with powerful supercomputing solutions and expert guidance from our research software engineers.

Our responsibilities

The Research Computing group supports and accelerates scientific discovery at the University by:

  • giving our academic community access to a powerful cloud High Performance Computing (HPC) service
  • helping our researchers process and analyse very large data sets, and perform complex computational tasks
  • supporting the development of reproducible research and sustainable software practices through collaborations with Research Software Engineers
  • providing consultancy services and training courses
  • promoting and sharing best practices with the research community
  • assisting in the development and costing of research projects

Our aim is to provide you with an excellent research computing service. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.


  • Steven Chapman

    Research Computing Manager
    Steven Chapman

    Steven leads the Research Computing group. He has over 15 years of experience developing, promoting and being an advocate for research computing.

  • Stefano Angioni

    Senior Cloud Architect

    Stefano is a member of the Research Computing Group and is developing cloud solutions for HPC applications.

  • Abhishek Kamble

    High Performance Computing Systems Developer
    Profile image of Abhishek Kamble standing outside against a green background.

    Abhishek develops and maintains the University’s research computing environments, enhances our user experience and provides technical support. 

  • Austin Holdsworth

    Cloud Infrastructure Developer
    Profile photo of Austin Holdsworth standing outside against a green background.

    Austin is a developer of Bath's next-generation, resilient and highly scalable cloud high performance computing platform.

  • Conn O'Rourke

    Research Software Engineer
    Dr Conn O'Rourke

    Conn supports the development of sustainable research software for the University community.

  • Georgie Wellock

    Research Software Engineer
    Georgie Wellock

    Georgie works on the STOP project in the Department for Health and delivers research software training.

  • Matt Clarke

    Research Software Engineer
    Profile image of Matt Clarke

    Matt helps academics increase their research outputs through optimal use of research software and high performance computing.

  • Rebecca Donovan

    Research Project Manager
    Rebecca Donovan, Research Project Manager

    Rebecca manages the activities and finances of externally funded research projects.

  • Sanne Terry

    Communications Manager, Research Computing
    Profile image of Sanne standing outside against a green background.

    Sanne develops, manages and delivers the Research Computing communication strategy to ensure a successful transition to cloud supercomputing at Bath.