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University of Bath

Research Ethics Approval Committee for Health (REACH)

The committee considers research protocols from staff and students in the Department for Health to assess the suitability in terms of research ethics.

The Department for Health requires all members of staff and students who are planning research or consultancy projects to consider the ethical implications of the work which they undertake. This is important in all research and consultancy projects but is essential in those projects which involve human participants.

University staff can access related resources for this committee.

The committee is a sub-committee of the Academic Ethics and Integrity Committee.

Full responsibilities of the committee are detailed in the terms of reference.

Committee members

Non-university members

    • Mr Peter Hawkes, Lay Member

Further information

    All application forms and guidance can be found on the REACH wiki.

    To download these files, you must be connected to the University of Bath network or log in with your University username and password.