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University of Bath

Senate Appeals Committee

We consider appeals from students who have been suspended/excluded from the University or appeals against disciplinary/fitness to study decisions.

A student who, in accordance with Section 5.6 of the Statutes, has been suspended or excluded from the University may appeal to the Senate Appeals Committee. A student may also appeal to the Committee against any determination of the Vice-Chancellor or against any determination of the Student Misconduct and Disciplinary Committee or the Director of Student Services, if referred by two Pro-Vice-Chancellors. The Committee will hear the student in person, and the decision of the Committee is final. The Committee reports to Senate.

You can read the full responsibilities of the committee in the terms of reference.

Terms of office expire on 31 July in the year stated.

Committee members

    All lay members of Council, of which at least two must be present.

    The Committee will appoint its own Chair who will not be a staff member of the University.