University of Bath


Senate is responsible for regulating and directing the academic work of the University.

The membership and functions of Senate are laid down in Sections 18 and 19 of the Statutes.

Full responsibilities of the committee are detailed in the terms of reference.


    a)Ex-Officio members

    Name Position Term of Office
    Professor I White Vice-Chancellor (Chair) ex-officio
    Professor B Morley Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost 30/04/2020
    Professor J Knight Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) 2023
    Professor P Lambert Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) 31/07/2024
    Professor J Bradshaw Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International and Doctoral) 31/01/2023
    Professor N Brook Dean of Science 2021
    Professor G Hawley Dean of Engineering and Design 2021
    Professor D Galbreath Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences 2022
    Professor B Squire Deputy Dean of School of Management
    Ms K Robinson Librarian ex-officio
    Dr J White Chair of Academic Assembly 2021
    Professor Bruce Rayton Chair Programmes and Partnerships Approval Committee 2022

    (b) (i) Elected Members - Professors

    Name Term of Office
    Professor J Barnett 2022
    Professor S Bending 2020
    Professor D Bird 2022
    Professor J Davenport 2022
    Professor T Ibell 2022
    Professor H Logemann 2021
    Professor M McManus 2022
    Professor C Mitchell 2020
    Professor G Sankaran 2021
    Professor D Stanton Fraser 2020
    Professor S White 2021
    Professor A Zalewska 2021

    (b) (ii) Elected Members - Academic Assembly

    Name Term of Office
    Dr R Branston 2022
    Dr M Carley 2021
    Dr R Chawla-Duggan 2022
    Dr J Darling 2020
    Dr M Garcia 2020
    Dr S Gheduzzi 2020
    Dr M Harney 2022
    Dr N Johnston 2022
    Dr F Laughton 2020
    Dr L Milligan 2020
    Dr D Moon 2022
    Dr G Ravelli 2021
    Dr J Troyer 2022

    (c) Student Members

    Name Position Term of Office
    Miss E Alcock President 2020
    Miss R Osman Education Officer 2020
    Miss J Zhou Postgraduate Officer 2020
    TBC Student elected by the Students' Union 2020

    The following routinely observe at meetings of Senate:

    Name Position
    Ms A Butler Chief Digital and Information Officer
    Professor A Heath Academic Director, Centre for Learning & Teaching
    Ms C Slack Student Voice Manager

    The following officers routinely attend meetings of Senate

    Name Position
    Dr J Harris Director of Academic Registry
    Ms A Pater Deputy Director (Academic Governance & Compliance)

Dates of meetings and minutes