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University of Bath

Students at the UKRI CDT in ART-AI

PhD students at the UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Accountable, Responsible and Transparent Artificial Intelligence (ART-AI).

We work across three university faculties in a unique integrated programme of interdisciplinary research and training.

2019 intake

    • Oscar Bryan: Machine Learning for the Detection of Unexploded Ordnance Using Synthetic Aperture Sonar
    • George Fletcher: Intelligent 3D Character Creation & Animation
    • Catriona Gray: The Adoption and Use of Artificial Intelligence Technologies (AITs) by Humanitarian Organisations
    • Akshil Patel: Autonomous Skill Acquisition
    • Elena Safrygina: Translating Spatio-Temporal Imaging Data Into Clinical Data Using Machine Learning
    • Jack E. Saunders: Reactive Collision Avoidance Using Deep Reinforcement Learning for the Application of UAV Delivery
    • Jack R. Saunders: Crossing the Uncanny Valley: Using Deep Learning for Realism in Facial Animation
    • Mafalda Teixeira Ribeiro: Controlled Biological Neuron Growth for the Creation of Animats and Novel AI Techniques
    • Elsa Zhong: How Interactive AI Can Be Used to Manipulate Humans
    • Damian Ziubroniewicz: Fair Machine Learning

2020 intake

    • Edward Clark: Artificial Intelligence Tactical Decision Aid for Management of Naval Sensors and Autonomous Vehicles
    • Thao Do: AI for Identification and Support for Victims of Sexual Exploitation in Southeast Asia
    • Tom Donnelly: Artificial Intelligence for the Control of Upper Limb Prosthetics
    • Andy Evans: AI and its Consequences for the Labour Market
    • Tory Frame: AI in Support of Sleep
    • Joe Goodier: Interpretable Deep Learning
    • Finn Hambly: Round-trip Policy Engineering
    • Matt Hewitt: Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Transparency in AI
    • Emma Li: Improved Interpretability Methods Towards More Responsible AI
    • Pablo Medina: Ecological Rationality of Choices Between Gambles
    • Deborah Morgan: The Application and Uses of AI Within Education, particularly Within the Teaching and Understanding of Literacy
    • Jessica Nicholson: Robotics Processing Architecture: A Skill Acquisition Approach to Artificial Cognitive Development
    • Alice Parfett: How AI Affects Privacy and Prejudice for Humanity
    • Brier Rigby Dames: Modelling Brain-Like Intelligence in an Evolutionary Context for AI Applications
    • Alex Taylor: Machine learning in Safety Critical Engineering
    • Scott Wellington: Decoding Imagined Speech from the Brain Signal