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Be The Change – Tackling Harassment

Be The Change aims to tackle harassment. Access training, gain support, make a report and join the initiative.


Take part in our anti-harassment training courses for students.

Being a trans ally

Help create a more supportive and inclusive world for trans and non-binary people at Bath.

Reporting Harassment

Use the Support and Report tool to report discrimination, misconduct, harassment, or assault.

Support and Report

Welcome to the page, where you can gain more information on the process of Support and Report.

Seeking Support

Find advice, support, and guidance for any issues you may be facing as a member of the University community.

The SU advice and support centre

A student at an appointment with an adviser.

The SU advice and support centre offers confidential, independent and non-judgemental support with any problems you may have during your time at Bath.


Read about the work we're doing to end all forms of harassment at Bath.


Access resources to show your support for the Be The Change initiative.