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December 2018

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Monday 10

Award Ceremonies

09:30 Transmitting Justice:

12:00 Lunch with Impact: how the REF panels assessed impact in 2014

12:15 Beyond impact factor: choosing where to publish

13:15 How Can We Fix Our Buses?

Tuesday 11

16:30 Do health co-benefits compensate economic costs of Paris climate agreement

Wednesday 12

06:30 Global Food Security

09:30 Impact Case Study Writing Retreat - REF

13:15 My life in science: Christmas special

18:00 Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds: what really happens when research and TV meet

18:00 Child trafficking: experiences of separated children on the move

Thursday 13

12:15 Conversation with cake

13:15 Science meets Practice: Academic Research for Water Utilities

Friday 14

Saturday 15

Sunday 16