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21 May 2019 Social Mobility and Education in Britain
Erzsébet Bukodi and John Goldthorpe 10 West, 2.45




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March 12, 2018 The Challenge of Improving Social Mobility
Resolution Foundation

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Laura Gardiner

Malcolm Gomersall

Mark Jackson

Lindsey MacMillan


January 26, 2018

ESRC Seminar series, 'Child Poverty and Social Mobility' Second Chances: Lessons for Research and Policy


•    Prof Jani Erola,
•    Prof Ingrid Schoon
•    Prof Claire Callender
•    Prof Tom Schuller
•    Teresa Donegan
Nuffield College, Oxford


Prof Claire Callender

Jani Erola

Teresa Donegan

Event Programme

March 30, 2017
Annual Policy Conference: ESRC Seminar series, 'Child Poverty and Social Mobility' Left behind Britain: Narrowing the social mobility divide
Keynote Speakers: The Rt Hon Justine Greening, Secretary of State for Education and The Rt Hon Alan Milburn, Chair of the Social Mobility Commission
The Emmanuel Centre Westminster, London


Sue Macguire

Ana Llena-Nozal

23 June 2016 ESRC Seminar series, 'Child Poverty and Social Mobility' • Cara Booker, University of Essex
• Rod Hick, University of Cardiff
• Marianne Bruins, University of Oxford
• Abigail McKnight, London School of Economics
• Almudena Sevilla, Queen Mary University of London
• Birgitta Rabe, University of Essex
University of Essex


15 April 2016

'Family Change and Social Inequality'

ESRC Seminar series, 'Child Poverty and Social Mobility'

University of Southampton



19 November 2015 Effectiveness of early childhood education approaches in boosting early educational development Central Hall Westminster
Storey's Gate
8 October 2015 Unequal Opportunities – and what to do about them Central Hall Westminster
Storey's Gate
18 September 2015 Disability and Unemployment Conference tbc University of Bath  
26-28 August 2015 RC19 Conference: Frontiers of Inequality, Social Policy, and Welfare Chancellors' Building, University of Bath  
08-11 June 2015 Understanding Conflict: Research, ideas and responses to security threats   University of Bath  
27 April 2015 ESRC Seminar: Child poverty and social mobility Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution (BRLSI)  
23 April 2015 Policy Pathways to Better Health
  • Belinda Hewitt: School of Social Science at the University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Jonathan James: University of Bath
  • Gavin Turrell: School of Public Health and Social Work at Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia)
University of Bath, 3E 2.20  
27 February 2015 Bristol-Bath Applied Micro Workshop Helen Simpson (University of Bristol),  John Sessions (University of Bath), Kerry Papps (University of Bath), Yanos Zylberberg (University of Bristol) University of Bristol
14 October 2014 Schools and teachers: incentives, organisation and outcomes Simon Burgess (University of Bristol), Servaas van der Berg (University of Stellenbosch), Jacobus Cilliers (World Bank) and Lindsey Macmillan (Institute of Education) University of Bath, 1E 3.6  
07 November 2014 The Transformation of Latin American Social Policy: Dynamics, Institutions and Outcomes Professor Armando Barrientos (University of Manchester), Dr Juliana Martinez Franzoni (Universidad de Costa Rica) University of Bath, 3E 2.20  
20/21 November 2014 Social Policy in the Middle East and North Africa: Challenges and Opportunities Dr Zafiris Tzannatos (Senior Consultant for Strategy and Policy, Lebanon), Ms Ghada Waly (Minister of Social Affairs, Egypt), Ms Charlotte Morris (DFID, UK), Dr Adel Abdellatif (UNDP, New York), Ms Ursula Kulke (ILO, Lebanon), Mr Roberto Benes (UNICEF, Jordan) Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution (BRLSI)


Conference report

24 September 2014 Women in Education: Life, Labour and Love Matt Dickson (Social and Policy Sciences, University of Bath), Eleni Jackson (History, University of Bristol), April Gallwey (History, University of Bristol) University of Bath 1WN 3.10  
22 September 2014 The Human Costs of Austerity David Stuckler (University of Oxford), Brendan Walsh (University College Dublin), Caroline Coope (University of Bristol) and  Kate Woodthorpe (University of Bath) University of Bath, Chancellors' Building 4.10


Podcast (coming soon)

04 July 2014 Bristol-Bath Applied Mirco Workshop Jonathan James (University of Bath), Stephan Heblich (University of Bristol), Paul Gregg (University of Bath) and Christine Valente (University of Bristol) University of Bristol, Boardroom, 2 Priory Road, Programme
11 June 2014 Family processes and socio-economic inequalities Prof. Jani Erola (University of Turku, Finland), Dr. Rense Nieuwenhuis (Stockholm University, Sweden), Susan Harkness (University of Bath) University of Bath, 1E 2.4  
03 June 2014

IPR workshop: The changing relationship between work and poverty in the UK and Europe: explanations and policy implications

Susan Harkness (University of Bath) and Peter Kenway (New Policy Institute) University of Bath, 3E 2.4  
02 May 2014 The assessment and management of risk: Service user and professional perspectives Dr Jeremy Dixon (University of Bath), Professor Hazel Kemshall(De Montford University)  University of Bath, 1WN 2.4  
04 April 2014 Bath Crime Economics Conference Giovanni Mastrobuoni (University of Essex), Randi Hjalmarsson (Queen Mary University), Stephen Machin (UCL), Olivier Marie (University of Maastricht) University of Bath, Chancellor's Building 5.1

Programme and book of abstracts


24 January 2014 Bristol-Bath Applied Micro Workshop Matt Dickson, Paul Gregg, Susan Harkness and Marina Fernandez-Salgado (University of Bath), and Simon Burgess, Rachel Griffith, Lindsey Macmillan, Stephanie Scholder, Sarah Smith and Helen Simpson (University of Bristol) University of Bath Programme
12 December 2013 Public lecture: Informal social protection mechanisms in Turkey Doga Basar Sariipek (CASP Visiting Fellow) University of Bath, 3E 2.20 Programme
15 November 2013 Measuring social class: Bourdieusian approaches (co-hosted with the British Sociological Association) Mike Savage (London School of Economics), Will Atkinson (University of Bristol), chaired by Nicola Ingram (University of Bath) University of Bath, CB 3.5 Programme
24 October 2013 Sure Start: how it changed the landscape of children's services Naomi Eisentadt (Department of Educaton, University of Oxford) University of Bath, 3E 2.2 Programme
20 June 2013 Time in work versus time with children – social gradients and consequences for families and the economy Heather Boushey (Center for American Progress), Marina Fernandez Salgado (University of Bath), chaired by Lynn Prince Cooke (University of Bath) University of Bath, 3E 3.11 Programme
21 May 2013 The living standards crunch: causes, consequences and choices Gavin Kelly (Resolution Foundation) University of Bath Programme
9 April 2013 Early years: embedding evidence-based policy in practice Sonia Sodha and Nick Axford (Social Research Unit at Dartington) University of Bath, 3E 3.8 Programme
8 March 2013 Non-cognitive characteristics and life outcomes Liam Delaney (University of Stirling), Silke Anger (German Institute for Economic Research), chaired by Matt Dickson (University of Bath) University of Bath, 8W 1.32 Programme
7 February 2013 Young people's classed and gendered aspirations and employment Kim Allen (Manchester Metropolitan University), Richard Waller (University of the West of England), Harriet Bradley (University of Bristol), chaired by Nicola Ingram (University of Bath) University of Bath, 8W 2.10 Programme
24 January 2013 Socio-economic differences in children's educational outcomes John Goldthorpe (University of Oxford), Claire Crawford (Institute for Fiscal Studies), Nicola Ingram (University of Bath), chaired by Lynn Prince Cooke (University of Bath) University of Bath, 3E 2.2 Programme


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