Department of Computer Science

Current PhDs

Student Supervisor 1 Supervisor 2 Project title
ALAMI MEJJATI, Youssef Prof Michael Tipping Dr Kwang In Kim Multitask Learning for Heterogeneous data
ALER TUBELLA, Andrea Dr Alessio Guglielmi Dr John Power Logic in categories
ALMANSOUR, Shahad Dr Alan Hayes Dr John Power The role of information technology (IT) in the teaching and learning of computer science
ALSHAMMARY, Latifah Prof Stephen Payne Dr Simon Jones Capture and use of task and team mental models in collaborative problem solving
BARBER, Alastair Dr Darren Cosker Prof Philip Willis Modern Approaches to Camera Tracking Within the Visual Effects Pipeline
BENARDIS, Ioannis Prof Peter Johnson Dr Hilary Johnson Influencing pro-environmental behaviours: user commitment and motivation
BERTEL, Tobias Dr Neill Campbell Dr Christian Richardt Light field Editing
BHANDARI, Naval Prof Eamonn O'Neill    
BOGDAN, Horia-Daniel Dr Yongliang Yang Prof Peter Hall Analysis and exploration of geometric structures
BOULTON, Adam Dr Rachid Hourizi Prof Eamonn O'Neill The Interruption and Abandonment of Video Games
BOULTON, Padraig Prof Peter Hall    
CHEN, Da Prof Peter Hall Dr Matthew Brown Understanding complex phenomenon from video
CHINNACHAMY BARATHI, Soumya Barathi Prof Eamonn O'Neill Dr Christof Lutteroth Adaptive Exergaming
CIUCANU, Anamaria Dr Darren Cosker Dr Neill Campbell Using computer graphics to recreate stop motion animated models from movie footage.
DE ANGELI, Daniela Prof Eamonn O'Neill    
DE LA DEHESA CUETO-FELGUEROSO, Javier Dr Julian Padget Dr Christof Lutteroth Applications of deep learning to interactive entertainment
DE VRIES, Amy Marie Prof Peter Johnson Dr Hilary Johnson The Use of Social Media for Shaming
DI MARTINO, Alessandro Dr Neill Campbell Dr Darren Cosker Learning a low dimensional manifold of object shapes
DORTA PEREZ, Garoe Dr Yongliang Yang Dr Neill Campbell Image-guided inverse rendering algorithms for efficient rendering and illumination
DUDLEY, Cillian Dr Simon Jones Prof Eamonn O'Neill Personal Informatics and the Integration of Data from Emerging Sensing Technologies
EDUM-FOTWE, Kwamina Dr Paul Shepherd Prof Philip Willis Procedural Reconstruction of Architectural Parametric Models from Airborne and Ground Laser Scans
ELLIOTT HADNETT-HUNTER, Jacob Prof Eamonn O'Neill Dr Michael Proulx Perception and Saliency in Augmented Reality
ESENKAYA, Tayfun Dr Michael Proulx   Spatially Enhancing Sensory Substitution Devices and Virtual Reality Experiences
EVANS, Ieuan Prof James Davenport Prof Peter Hall Semi-Supervised Topic Models Applied to Mathematical Document Classification
FINNEGAN, Daniel Prof Eamonn O'Neill Dr Michael Proulx Compensating for Distance Compression in Virtual Audiovisual Environments
GOWERS, William Dr James Laird Dr Alessio Guglielmi A Proof Theory for new Operators in Game Semantics
HARTSHORNE, Adam Dr Neill Campbell Dr Darren Cosker Learning compact and efficient deformable models of human shape variation
HE, Fanny Dr Willem Heijltjes Prof Guy Mccusker Computational metatheory of functional calculi with control
HOARE, Charlotte Prof Danae Stanton Fraser Prof Eamonn O'Neill Exploring synchronous second screen experiences to television
HYDE, Robert James Dr Alan Hayes    
JACKSON, Paul Dr Alan Hayes    
JONES, Jessica Prof James Davenport Prof Guy Mccusker Software Engineering for Parallelism
KAZLAUSKAITE, Ieva Dr Neill Campbell Dr Darren Cosker Machine Learning for character animation and motion style synthesis
KEARNEY, Sinéad Dr Darren Cosker Dr Neill Campbell Motion Capture using Parametric Models
KEATING, Christina Prof Stephen Payne Prof Eamonn O'Neill Situation awareness and multi-tasking
KHAN, Azeem      
LAWRENCE, Andrew Dr Neill Campbell Dr Darren Cosker Learning 3D Models of Deformable/Non-Rigid Bodies
LENGYEL, Denise Dr Leon Watts Dr Hilary Johnson Communication of Difficult Experiences in Digital Environments: Investigating Reflection Through Pictorial Expression
LYONS, Zack Dr Leon Watts Dr Nigel Harris Virtual Therapy - A Story-Driven and Interactive Virtual Environment for Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation
MILTIADOU, Milto Dr Neill Campbell Dr Darren Cosker Visualisation and exploration of high resolution LIDAR data.
MITCHELL, Dominic Dr Leon Watts Dr Marina De Vos Examining the Effect of the Theory of Public Language in Accounting for the Evolution of Language
MORGAN, Owen      
NAGHIZADEH, Maryam Dr Darren Cosker Dr Neill Campbell A New Method for Human/Animal Retargeting using Machine Learning
NGUYEN PHUOC, Thu Dr Yongliang Yang Prof Eamonn O'Neill Interactive Fabrication-aware Architectural Modelling
NONTASIL, Pawarat Prof Stephen Payne Dr Simon Jones Cognitive Explanation Information Addiction
PAGE, Charlie Dr Julian Padget Dr Marina De Vos Visualising the results and performance characteristics of large-scale artificial socio-cognitive systems
POTTER, Ralph Dr Russell Bradford    
PRING, Benjamin Prof James Davenport Dr Alessio Guglielmi Cryptography against an adversary with quantum resources
RALPH, Benjamin Dr Alessio Guglielmi Dr James Laird Formal proofs as geometric objects
RAVIKUMAR, Shridhar Dr Darren Cosker   Performance Capture and Animation of Faces
REED, Kyle Prof Peter Hall    
RENAUD, Francois Dr Alessio Guglielmi    
SANDERSON, Paul Dr Yongliang Yang    
SANTAMARIA, Alessio Prof Guy Mccusker Dr Alessio Guglielmi Categorical and Proof Theoretical methods in Logic
SAQUIL, Yassir Prof Peter Hall Dr Kwang In Kim Machine learning for semantic-level data generation and exploration
SCHMITTER, Daniel Dr John Power Dr Alessio Guglielmi Categories of Logic
SHAW, Richard Dr Darren Cosker Dr Neill Campbell  
SHERRATT, David Dr Willem Heijltjes Dr Alessio Guglielmi The Atomic Abstract Machine
SMITH, Thomas Dr Julian Padget   Procedural Content Generation for Computer Games
TANG, Rui Dr Darren Cosker Prof Philip Willis Applying Image Processing in Facial Analysis and Architecture Parsing System
TARKO, Joanna Prof Peter Hall    
TAYLOR, Catherine      
THEODOROU, Andreas Dr Joanna Bryson Prof Stephen Payne Technical Facilitation of Transparency in Intelligent and Social Behaviour
THOMPSON, Matthew Dr Julian Padget   Automatic generation of 3D models from examples
WESTLAKE, Nicholas Prof Peter Hall Dr Neill Campbell Studies in Matching and Detection: Modelling Invariance at Low and High Level
WICHAIDIT, Siriphan Dr Julian Padget Dr Marina De Vos Stock Prediction through Machine Learning
WILLEY, Stephen Prof Peter Hall   Colour matching between stereo pairs of images
WORTHAM, Robert Dr Joanna Bryson Dr Pejman Iravani Usability and/or ethics of domestic robots
WRIGGLESWORTH, Thomas Dr Leon Watts Dr Simon Jones Towards a Design Framework for Museum Visitor Engagement with Historical Crowdsourcing Systems
XU, Qunce Dr Yongliang Yang Prof Peter Hall  
YAQUB, Hashim Khalid Dr Paul Shepherd Dr Leon Watts Reducing Simulator Sickness while Maintaining Presence in First-Person Head-Mounted VR Applications
YU, Bingjie Dr Leon Watts    
ZIJLSTRA, Melle Prof Stephen Payne Prof Linda Newnes Engaging with complexity: design principles for engaging user interfaces that enhance sense-making on complex projects