Department of Education

Department shares current research activities

Tue Oct 14 15:18:00 BST 2014

On Monday 15 September Dr Manuel Souto-Otero of the Department of Education made a presentation about his ongoing research to a meeting of Heads of Department, Associate Deans, Deans and other senior staff of the University.

The Vice-Chancellor, who chairs the bi-monthly Heads of Department meetings, has recently introduced an agenda item whereby colleagues from different departments are invited to present their research as a means of disseminating ideas more widely across the University.

Dr Souto-Otero's presentation described three lines of research that he is pursuing in collaboration with colleagues working in academia and industry:

  1. research into higher education internationalisation and student mobility
  2. the link between higher education and the labour market
  3. EU policy-making in education and training.

These lines of research have recently led to:

  • publication in leading journals, such as Educational Researcher (the flagship journal of the American Educational Research Association), or Evidence and Policy,
  • a forthcoming book (Souto-Otero, M. (ed.) (2015) Evaluating European Education Policy-Making: privatization, networks and the European Commission, London, Palgrave)
  • the award of a research project by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in which institutional strategies to make higher education more 'open' (through MOOCs, open courseware, open management, and other strategies) will be examined
  • policy-relevant work, including background research for the Impact Assessment of the current Erasmus+ programme, a 14 billion Euro funding programme of the Directorate General of Education and Training of the European Commission (this meant a 40% increase in budget over the previous funding period)
  • extensive engagement with external stakeholders, including blogging for Microsoft Europe on the employability value of involvement in youth organisations and presentations to various stakeholders in the area of education and training across Europe.

Dr Souto-Otero explained how he will continue to take research in these three areas further in the future. This includes, amongst other aspects, the enhancement of work with academic institutions in the UK and abroad, as well as emerging collaborations with industry for the analysis of both large longitudinal surveys and big data.