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Radio 4 recognition for our Education researcher

Thu Apr 23 13:33:00 BST 2015

A book recently published by a researcher in our Department of Education, Dr Ceri Brown, has been shortlisted for the prestigious BBC Radio 4 - British Sociological Association Ethnography Awards 2015.

Students in the classroom

Dr Ceri Brown, from the Department of Education, has been shortlisted by the BBC / British Sociological Assocation for her book 'Educational Binds of Poverty'.


The Thinking Allowed Award for Ethnography, presented by Professor Laurie Taylor, recognises qualitative research projects that demonstrate flair, originality, clarity and sound methodology.

Dr Brown’s book, ‘Educational Binds of Poverty: The Lives of School Children’, was shortlisted along with six other ethnographic books or studies, each focusing on a diverse range of topics and groups, from prison gangs to factory workers.

Based on extensive research charting the progress of six school children living in poverty over a number of years, the book challenges some of the prominent assumptions presented by politicians hoping to improve educational outcomes for children.

As part of an ESRC project, Dr Brown identified school children from low-income, highly mobile families using the free school meals indicator and school staff biographical information on children’s home lives

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