University of Bath Venturers Cricket Club 2004 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the AGM of Bath University Venturers CC, held at the Salamander on Tuesday October 19th, 2004. There were plenty of people present, including two friends of Paul Martin's who turned out to have nothing to do with cricket.

Item 1: Captain's report.

The season had been considerably more successful than the last few, although actual playing results were still pretty ropy. The highlight was beating Bill Owen; the low point being 6 for 5 at Kilmington. Paul Martin's contribution of two separate ducks to that innings was especially impressive. The captain noted with regret the unceremonious retirement of Adrian Wolstenholme, who had been the mainstay of the side for as long as anyone could remember. Despite losing him, however, we were able to raise teams with much less difficulty than in previous years.

Adrian had been Treasurer at the point when he entered the rhododendron bush and resigned all his responsibilities. That job had subsequently been shared by the captain and Tom Carney, who has now left. The club has a credit balance of 550 pounds, but owes an unknown amount for teas. This unknown amount is thought to be close to 550 pounds, which is most fortunate. If we were a company we should be getting into trouble for not filing our accounts, but the problem is not of our making.

On the equipment side, we have one new bat. We need another bat, which must be properly knocked in, and a thigh pad. Thigh pads are the item of equipment most likely to get lost or end up in the wrong bag. In particular the thigh pad we do have is not ours, but ours is nowhere to be found. It was suggested that a Kit Secretary be appointed to do an inventory and ideally to keep track of what kit we ought to have and have in reality. No such appointment was made at the meeting, however.

More effort needs to be made to collect match fees.

The quality of the teas was variable, cakes being sometimes stale. The use of UHT milk in those little plastic cartons was especially deplored.

Item 2. Treasurer's report.

In the absence of the rhododendron, the Treasurer's report was subsumed in the Captain's.

Item 3. Election of officers.

Gregory was re-elected as Secretary and will arrange the fixtures. There was some discussion about which fixtures should be kept and which dropped, but it was agreed that until we know what is available no decisions can be made.

Rob was elected Treasurer, with responsibility for the web page and collecting match fees. He warned us that he is an economist and will take a ruthless approach to match fees: you are not going to get away with hiding behind the scoreboard next year. Those present felt that this was an advantage rather than otherwise.

Duncan was elected Captain. James remains as team-raiser-in-chief and he, or others, may act as captain on the match day from time to time.

Item 4. Awards.

Several awards were awarded, but nobody can remember exactly what they were. Duncan won various accolades for being some good at cricket. Paul Martin's second duck at Kilmington won Duck of the Year: the main rival was Paul Martin's first duck at Kilmington, followed by the ducks at Kilmington of Mark, Kevin, Gregory, etc.: the only contender from any other match had to be disqualified when it emerged that Paul Wilson had actually made 2. Rob won Catch of the Year for his effort against Bristol, edging out Tom and Paul Wilson. James's run-out of Ian, and Ian's slow walk back to the pavilion after getting out to a woman, were both given some kind of booby prize. There may have been more.

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