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Winter Indoor Six-a-Side League

The Indoor League is played at Ralph Allen School, (near the Sulis Club) over the winter months. For the 2013/4 season, results and fixtures can be found at the league website. The Venturers won division 2 in the 2013/4 season. Information about previous seasons can be found below.

The Venturers finished the 2011/12 season fourth (out of six teams) in the second division of the indoor league.

Games are ten overs per innings, with five players each bowling two overs. Cost per game is £24 (£4 per player).

Indoor League rules (in .doc format).

2011/12 Results:

November 6th 5pm Venturers vs Bathhampton: Lost
November 20th 6pm Venturers vs Hampset: Won
December 4th 5pm Venturers vs Bear Flat: Lost
December 11th 8pm Venturers vs Stellas: Won
February 12th 6pm Venturers vs Exiles: Lost
March 4th 6pm Venturers vs Pedigree (cup): Won
March 25th 5pm Venturers vs Norton (cup): Lost

Match Statistics and League Statistics for the season are now available.

2010/11 Results:

October 24th 2010 6pm vs The Nearly Men -Lost
November 7th 5pm vs Bath Hospitals - Lost
November 21st 7pm vs The Stellas - Won
December 5th 5pm vs Bathampton - Won
Janaury 30th 2011 6pm vs Bear Flat Dads

We are expected to provide an umpire for the following games:

October 24th 5pm Bear Flat Dads vs Bathampton
November 21st 6pm Bathampton vs Bath Hospitals
January 30th 5pm Bath Hospital vs The Nearly Men

Complete fixture list in .xls format

2009/0 Season:

Sunday November 8th 7pm vs Bear Flat Dads - Won
Sunday November 22nd 7pm vs Norton Knights - Lost
Sunday December 6th 7pm vs Bath Exiles - Lost
Sunday January 29th 7pm vs Keynsham 2 - Won
Sunday February 14th 8pm vs The Two Stellas -Won
Sunday February 28th 7pm vs Bath Hospitals -Lost
Sunday March 14th 7pm vs The Larks - Lost

Match Reports:

Sunday November 22nd 7pm vs Norton Knights

Bath Exiles 96-5, Venturers 86-5

Team: Simon, Matt, Rog, Paul, Alex W, Tom.

Sunday November 22nd 7pm vs Norton Knights

Norton 106-5, Venturers 90-odd.

Team: Simon, Alistair, Rog, Paul, Sriram, Tom.

Sunday November 8th 7pm vs Bear Flat Dads

Bear Flat 99 all out, Venturers 100-3.

Team: Matt, Alistair, Rog, Paul, Sriram, Alex C.

2008/9 Season:

Sunday October 26th 7pm vs The Star -Lost
Sunday November 9th 7pm vs Stella Select -Lost
Sunday November 23rd 7pm vs Bath Pedigree - Lost
Sunday December 7th 7pm vs Hinton Charterhouse - Lost
Sunday January 11th 7pm vs Bear Flat Dads - Lost
Sunday January 25th 7pm vs Saltford Fairway - Lost
Sunday February 8th vs Combe Down - Lost
Sunday February 15th vs The Star (cup)- Lost

Statistics for season 2008/9 (in pdf format)

'Highlights' of the statistics, as reported by Simon after attendence at the AGM:

  • Roger came fourth in the division one batting averages with an average of 51.00; Sourabh was twelfth with an average of 30.50. The remainder of us were less impressive.
  • Sourabh, with 3 for 11, had the best individual bowling performance in division one with Andy the third best with 3 for 14. These two also had useful averages. The rest of us had bowling averages that really should be censored to spare the innocent (let's just say a total of 661 runs for six wickets).
  • We had the highest number of extras conceded in a single innings: 54. On the plus front, we were one of only two teams never to concede more than 20 wides in an innings.
  • We scored a total of 18 sixes which was the second lowest (The Star managed only 17).
  • Andy Hulbert for Combe Down managed to score 317 runs without being dismissed. His total included a mammoth 33 sixes and he hit seven successive sixes against us (I bruised both my thumbs foolishly attempting to stop some of these and waived a few more by). In division one, approximately 50% of the dismissals are run out. In the more sedate division two, only 25% of the dismissals occur this way although 33% are hit roof. We had only 37% run out, the second lowest total for out hit roof, no one stumped and the highest number of people caught. I have no idea whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Match Reports:

Sunday October 26th 7pm vs The Star

The Star 109, Venturers about 79.

Team: Simon, Matt, Andy, Rog, Fluffy, Alex.

The Star won the toss and batted. As current champions, they know how to play this game to win. Their batting strategy was clearly to run as often as possible. We started well, bowling tidily, and capturing a couple of early run-outs. Then Fluffy managed to get one of their batsmen to play on. With half the overs gone, we had taken four wickets and were in a good position. However, the Star had always kept the run rate going at between 8-10 an over, without needing to hit out. They didn't seem bothered by the run outs and continued with the risky running, and their last pair took them over the 100-mark. We conceded just one six, and that a fielding error off Matt's bowling.

The Star's bowling and fielding was very good. They sometimes posted a 3-1 field and bowled accordingly and they never struck to the conventional fielding positions that were the norm in Division 2. Andy fell to a superb catch. There were no free runs.

The batsman who scored the runs at the end opened the bowling and was very hard to get away, so we were always behind the run-rate. Roger managed to score a few, but we couldn't score enough of their slightly weaker bowler and finished 30-odd short, losing wickets to the inevitable run-outs.

Sunday November 9th 7pm vs Stella Select

Venturers 50 all out Stella Select 51-0.

Team: Simon, Matt, Andy, Ian G, Saurabh, Adam

Sunday November 22nd 7pm vs Bath Pedigree

Bath Pedigree about 140-5 Venturers about 90-4.

Team: Simon, Matt, Ian G, Saurabh, Adam, Roger

Sunday December 6th 7pm vs Hinton Charterhouse

Hinton Charterhouse 123-4 Venturers 76-4 (scores approximate)

Team: Simon, Matt, Alex, Saurabh, Adam, Andy

Simon's comments:

We fielded pretty well, Matt especially, but they were very adept at pushing the ball into the gaps and running something we are less skilled at. I managed to dismiss the opener who, certainly every time I've played Hinton, always scores 50, but dropped the other one.

Batting wise, Matt was out in the first over but Andy batted well and was just getting into his stride with a couple of sixes when he reached 25. Alex also had a fair knock but we couldn't consistently push the singles (or doubles to be precise) and they had a couple of spinners with some lovely flight who bamboozled us. Saurabh faced the final over needing 60 to win with all four fielders on the back wall!

Sunday January 11th 7pm vs Bear Flat Dads

Venturers 93-4 Bear Flat Dads 95-5.

Team: Simon, Matt, Andy, Rog, Saurabh, Chris

From the final ball of the game, Bear Flat, with their last man, their captain, at the crease, needed two runs to win. Matt bowled a decent bowl, the batter nudged the ball uppishly into the leg side wall, for one run to tie, and then set off to 'run' the extra two to gave the Bear Flat Dads victory.

Their captain had batted very well, hitting several straight sixes, one or two of which we might have prevented, and running very well. The rest of their batting hadn't offered too much, and we bowled as well as we ever have done, Saurabh and Andy in particular proving very hard to score off. We also fielded pretty well, with a run-out, a stumping and Simon's athletic catch to show for our efforts.

As has been the case all season, we struggled to score enough runs. Roger scored a few, but his attempts to turn ones into threes usually ended in one of his team mates being run out. Saurabh plundered a few runs at the end, but one or two wasted opportunities with the bat ultimately cost us the victory that some of the bowling possibly merited.

Sunday January 25th 7pm vs Saltford Fairway

Saltford 120-odd Venturers 80-odd

Team: Simon, Matt, Andy, Rog, Saurabh, Ian


Sunday February 8th 8pm vs Combe Down

Combe Down 151 Venturers 70

Team: Simon, Tom, Andy, Rog, Saurabh, Alastair

Sunday February 15th 7pm vs The Star (cup)

The Star 130-odd Venturers 90-odd

Team: Simon, Matt, Tom, Andy, Adam, Saurabh

Simon's comments:

Once again we generally fielded and bowled well but the Star played hit and run very effectively and Jey, who is frequently a thorn in our side when playing for Cramer, played supremely well with delicate cuts into the corners coupled with excellent straight driving for an unbeaten score of around 50.

Batting wise, Matt and Tom started well with perhaps a Venturers record of two completed runs in the first over before Tom was caught off the side wall, Matt was expertly held low down by Jey and Andy bashed the roof. Saurabh and Adam hit some lusty blows to make around twenty apiece before I concluded the season in style by dreamily wondering around at the non-strikers end to run first myself out and then Adam.



2007/8 Season:

Sunday November 18th 7pm vs The Two Stellas - won
Sunday December 2nd 7pm vs Bath Exiles - won
Sunday January 27th 2008 6pm vs Bath Hospitals - lost
Sunday February 10th 2008 5pm vs Saltford 2nds - won
Sunday February 24th 2008 6pm vs Bear Flat Dads - won
Sunday March 16th 2008 5pm vs Saltford 2nds (Cup) - won
Sunday March 30th 2008 8pm vs Bathampton (Cup) - lost

2007/8 Stats - 'Best of..' (word doc)
2007/8 Stats - Complete, contains all the Stats you could ever want (.xls)


Sunday November 18th 7pm vs The Two Stellas

The Two Stellas 70-odd Venturers 72 off 8 overs.

Team: Roger, Matt, Simon, Andy Y, Chintan, Adam

Thanks to some tight bowling and good fielding we kept The Two Stellas down to around 70 runs (probably the fewest runs the Venturers have conceded in this league?). The Stellas hit just one six and didn't bother running between the wickets. In reply we just needed to keep the score ticking over, and a couple of early boundaries put us ahead of the rate. Roger retired on 26, and despite losing Andy and Chintan, Matt and Simon saw us home comfortably.

Sunday December 2nd 7pm vs Bath Exiles

The Two Stellas 79-odd Venturers 80-odd off 9 overs.

Team: Roger, Matt, Simon, Andy Y, Chintan, Ian G

From the Bath Chronicle:
Bath Exiles' Matt Thomas hit 32 and they were all out for 79. Matt Roberts took 2-10. Venturers' Simon Shaw (22, with three sixes), Chintan Ravel (15no) and Matt Roberts (8no) saw them home.

Good bowling from all the bowlers, backed by good fielding, was again the key to success. Despite their best batsman having plenty of the strike, we restricted the number of boundaries scored. Matt and Andy bowled very well at the death. Simon got our innings off to a good start and Matt was there at the end again to nudge the winning runs.

Sunday January 27th 7pm vs Bath Hospitals

Bath Hospitals 130-odd Venturers 100-odd

Team: Roger, Matt, Simon, Ian B, Chintan, Ian G

The Hospitals batted first; despite bowling quite well and only conceding one boundary, we contrived to concede 130 runs. The Hospitals run for everything and in this game we would not have run anyone out if we'd played all night. Instead we gave away overthrows and extras, so that ones became fours.
In reply, we were always behind the rate, so that run-outs became almost inevitable; Chintan did his best, scoring 40-odd not out, but the rest of us couldn't score quickly enough and we fell well short despite posting a reasonable 100.

Sunday February 10th 5pm vs Saltford 2nds

Venturers 130 Saltford 2nds 100-odd

Team: Roger, Matt, Simon, Alistair, Andy, Ian B

Sunday February 24th 6pm vs Bear Flat Dads

Venturers 129 Bear Flat Dads 110-odd

Team: Roger, Simon, Andy, Chintan, Ian G, Alistair

Alistair and Andy got us off to a good start with Al wasting no time in running quick singles. Chintan and Andy then blazed away and both reached their 25s in quick time; all Ian and Roger then had to do was keep the score ticking over, and we were able to post a very competitive total.
Bear Flat Dads are a decent team though, with two good opening batsmen who went for the runs with some skill. Good fielding on our part meant the required run rate remained reasonably high, and when we removed the openers (one retired and one run-out), we had Simons superb bowling and enough runs in reserve, to ensure a reasonably comfortable win.
A good team performance all round.

Sunday March 16th 5pm vs Saltford (Cup)

Venturers 120 Saltford 80-odd

Team: Roger, Matt, Alistair, Ian G, Ian B, Simon T

Sunday March 30th 8pm vs Bathampton (Cup)

Bathampton 121 Venturers 116

Team: Roger, Ian G, Ian B, Andy, Simon S, Simon T


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