The AGM was held upstairs at the Salamander, Bath, at 7:00 pm on Monday, 19th September 2005. The move upstairs was forced because Tom is too young to be allowed in the bar; but it was quite convenient.

1. Captain's report.

We won 8 out 15 evening (20-over) matches playes, a very respectable proportion by our recent standards, but only one out of nin e 40-over matches. Probably we are not playing enough 40-over games. The joint arrangement with the Civil Service, which leads to three blank weekends a year for us, has outlived its usefulness, as we no longer have great difficulty raising teams. We should continue playing into September, and aim to start 20-over matches earlier.

We should also learn to bat, or recruit more people who already can.

Indoor nets will be on Tuesdays, 11:15 to 13:15, starting on October 11th. They will be more structured than in the past.

The indoor competition that we have entered starts in November at Ralph Allen School. We need six players and an umpire for two hours every Sunday: details are to follow.

The highlight of the season was probably the victory against Bill Owen. The low point was probably the last match, a defeat by Kilmington.

2. Teas

We are told that we have never complained and that nothing will happen if we do. In particular we understand that fresh milk is not possible, even though the bread used in the sandwiches is bought from Sainsbury's on Sunday morning, where milk is also on sale. We will complain if matters do not improve but the feeling was that little will change.

3. Constitution

The new constitution, which had to be formalised for insurance reasons, was approved. It simply restates existing practice. It also says that the club colours are maroon, and it was felt that we ought to obtain some caps in that colour. Adrian Wolstenholme will be asked to exhume his old cap so that we can see what the design was.

4. Treasurer's report

The current balance is over 1000 pounds, but we owe about 50 to Monkton Combe for a pitch and an indeterminate amount to Sulis for teas. Some of the teas in question go back to 2004, as do some of the cakes. We have managed to get people to pay their fees or to take on tasks in lieu, such as stitching pads or mailbags. We have no immediate need for more playing kit but as we are likely to be on Pitch 3 frequently next year we should buy a portable scoreboard and some boundary flags.

5. Election of officers

Duncan Lee was elected captain, Gregory Sankaran secretary, Rob Branston treasurer and webmaster and James Dutton PR officer (that means he does the complaining), all nem. con. As there has been little difficulty raising teams there is no need for a separate match manager: this year James Dutton was supposed to act as match manager but because he was injured and not playing he did not.

6. Other business

There was some discussion of how the winter nets might be organised.

7. Awards

These were assigned by the captain.

Duck of the Year: Andy V at Hinton Charterhouse
Catch of the Year: Betty against Offenham
Champagne moment: Betty again, bowled for 48 playing no shot
A.J. Wolstenholme prize for running between the wickets: Owain (run out five times during the season)
Bill Owen award for slow batting: Owain
Odour prize: Owain
Worst fielder: Rob B
Most improved player: Rob B
Best newcomer: Rob T

8. Curry

This went well until the mathematicians had to divide by 13 at the end.

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