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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Bath University Venturers Cricket Club, 2007.

The meeting was held at All Bar One at 18:30 on Wednesday, September 17th, and began at about 18:45, by which time most people had turned up. About eighteen members were present.

  1. Captain’s report.

    In the absence of the captain, who has moved to Glasgow, this item was handled by the acting captain, Roger.

    We played 12 40-over matches, winning three and losing nine, with seven cancelled for various reasons, mainly bad weather. We played ten 20-over matches, winning three and losing seven, with five cancellations. We never failed to raise an XI ourselves. The 20-over matches were mostly oversubscribed and apart from the last three the 40-over matches were also sufficiently popular. We are losing, or have lost, several regular players before next season, but we expect to have enough players to put out sides easily next year too.

    Playing results were a little disappointing, rather worse than last year, but not disastrous: in most matches we were competitive. Generally we were rather short of runs. The highest individual score was Ian’s 66 against Bill Owen: Andy Watts made a 65 not out and Roger a 64, with three or four other scores over 50. There were few outstanding bowling performances, but several bowlers contributed steadily: Gregory was probably the highest wicket-taker, but nobody knows because the scorebook vanished in July. The most notable individual bowling performance was probably Fluffy’s hat-trick against Royal Oak. The fielding was generally good.

  2. Treasurer’s report.

    We are solvent, having about 650 pounds in cash against future liabilities of about 280 pounds for teas and a new bat. Nets and a new bag have been paid for. Some money was lost as a result of matches being cancelled after tea costs had been incurred.

    Several people made jokes about Northern Rock, none of them especially good.

    It was agreed to leave the match fees at 3 pounds for 20-over matches and 5 pounds for 40-over matches, but to try to increase the charge to visiting teams for teas to something nearer true costs. It is not desirable to have reciprocal arrangements whereby each side pays for teas in their home fixture, because of the complications when it rains.

    Match fees were actually paid in almost all cases and this greatly improved the financial position of the club.

  3. Elections

    Rob was elected unopposed as Treasurer. Gregory was elected unopposed as Secretary.

    Roger indicated willingness to act as captain, on certain conditions. These were: that he would play most weekend matches, but not all, missing two weeks in the summer and some others, probably known well in advance. That he would probably play the majority, but perhaps not much more than half, of the 20-over matches, but would be willing to organise teams even if not playing. That he would probably choose not to open the batting, but might frequently keep wicket. That the captain’s decision is final, although he will take advice. That although the intention is that every player should get a part in the game, this cannot be ensured in every single match but should be achieved on average over two or three games. That he would probably do the job only for one season.

    Rob observed that Roger has a car.

    Andy observed that in view of Roger’s likely availability, if we appointed a vice-captain it should be someone who could play most of the midweek games.

    Roger’s conditions were generally thought reasonable, and he was elected unopposed as captain.

    After a long discussion on the role of the vice-captain, if any, it was decided to appoint one, who would be a reserve rather than an on-field second in command, and who would take on a share of the administration, for instance winter nets. There were several possible candidates but in the end Matt was elected unopposed.

    It was noted that Alastair has a garage, in which kit can be stored.

  4. Webpage and ECB

    The webpage as set up this year proved to be unsatisfactory, because it was hard to edit. A new version is needed, but this should not be hard to make: the university web page styles may help. Several people including Gregory and Roger, were willing to deal with this.

    Andy asked that the scores be available on the web page after the matches, as he found it hard to find them out from the match reports. It was explained to him that that is not what the match reports are for. They are for opponents’ wives to put on the fridge. However, it was agreed that the request was reasonable. One way to do this would be to use play-cricket, the ECB’s cricket web page system. To do this we would have to register with ECB. Matt agreed to find out what the costs and benefits of registration would be, given that as a non-league university club we are not in the same position as most cricket clubs. In any case, our web page must remain on the university’s site as we are dependent on, and represent, the university.

  5. Fixtures.

    Gregory asked for comments on the policy regarding touring teams, fixtures generally, and specific opponents we should like to play more or less often.

    Lee stated that he had thoroughly enjoyed the match against the touring team when he was twice struck in the mouth by the ball. Various suggestions were made about how to avoid matches against touring sides turning out to be unbalanced, but the general feeling was that it didn’t matter and such matches were welcomed.

    There were no specific requests for more or fewer fixtures against certain sides. Royal Oak should be encouraged to get a move on: we should ensure that The Star, Brisol Academicals and Winsley are properly organised. The second fixtures against UWE and Canal Taverners should be restored if convenient. Several other possible opponents were mentioned. We could play a few more midweek games early in the season, even if that means playing on two evenings in the same week. It would be worth starting 40-over games a week earlier and finishing a week later, but many grounds are being used for rugby or football at those times.

  6. Awards.

    Best batsman: Chintan, for contributions to wins (an antidemocratic but not unpopular decision by the captain-elect)

    Best bowler: Duncan, who thinks that you get wickets by hitting the edge of the bat and expecting someone to catch it.

    Best fielder: Alastair, from among many candidates.

    Catch of the season: shared between Adam (who also won Drop of the season) and James.

    Most improved player: Ian Gillard.

    Best dressed: Lee, when umpiring.

    Worst umpiring: Lee.

    A.J. Wolstenholme Prize for Running Between the Wickets: Gareth, for a stupendous mix-up at Hinton Charterhouse.

    Duck of the Year: Rob, for one of his three first-ballers.

    Champagne moment: successfully chasing 260 against Bill Owen in Duncan’s last match.

  7. Winter activities.

    a. Indoor league. We have enough takers to enter a team and the competition will start early in November (we think).

    b. Nets. These are booked for (most) Tuesdays at 11:15. Ian’s proposed experimental bowling arrangements will be tried out.

    c. Drinking. Matt will suggest a possible pub night, and we’ll see if anybody comes along.

  8. Kit.

    This is mostly in good shape but we need a new bat.

  9. AOB.

    Chintan asked the new captain to be flexible about batting order.

    A discussion was held about Indian restaurants, ended when the 1.5 Indians present both indicated a preference for the Eastern Eye.

    The meeting closed, rather appropriately, at 20:20.

Cricket bat and ball