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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Bath University Venturers Cricket Club, 2015.

The AGM of Bath University Venturers CC took place in the Saracen’s Arms at 19:00 on Tuesday 15th September 2015.

Present: Matt, Roger, Simon, Chris, Gregory, Nick, later Alex

Long discussion about whether Chris is a member, and we were therefore quorate, or not. We decided to hope for the best rather than wait for Alex.

We reminisced for a bit.

  1. Captain’s Report

    In the indoor league we were in the top division and went straight back down again, losing all our league matches but getting to the semifinal of the cup, when we lost to Hinton Charterhouse as usual. Simon was presented with a creme egg, issued to Rog at the indoor league AGM at Easter, for bowling a wicket maiden. We were competitive at bowling but we didn’t run. We did attempt at least one run, Simon running Gregory out. Gregory was out second ball in his first game, first ball in his second, run out without facing at all in his third and didn’t bat in his fourth.

    Alex arrived at this point, making us indisputably quorate.

    During the summer there were 13 weekend cancellations, some by the opposition. We played only Kilmington (rained off at tea) & Railway Taverners (they lent us some players), but we would also have played Broughton Gifford if it hadn’t rained. Midweek was better: after some early struggles we played 13 matches, winning three, losing nine and with one tie. The wins were against Canal Taverners, whome we bowled out for 53: then we were 9-4 after 8 overs and got to 54-6, with five ducks in the 19th over; The Star (84* from Chris H); and Bathford, by ten wickets (Rog & Matt: Matt “didn’t get a 50 after Rog refused a single”, although that should not be taken to mean that Matt got 49). The tie was against Combe Down, Charlie diving for his ground as the ball dribbled in from deep square leg. We were not outclassed in the defeats. Outnumbered, yes. There was a narrow defeat by Bradford Town. Amid all the shortages of players, We had a 12-a-side game at Kingswood when both sides turned up with too many. Against BANES, all 4 openers scored 50 in the thunder, and we nearly managed to lose the match without losing any wickets.

    We had 35 fixtures: we played 15, one was rained off, and 19 were cancelled (counting the Bristol T20, which nobody had a team for, as one). After May we didn’t cancel midweek.

    Highlights. When we had Iain and Chris we had a good opening attack. Matt Barrow scored 50 against Western Flyers and then went to Melbourne. Rog, Matt, Chris H also got 50s. Tayo took lots of catches: at least 8 in four matches. No good bowling figures: Chris and Gregory got a 3 each. For some reason we started reminiscing again, this time as so often about the famous Winsley match of 2009. Thanks were given to to Chris H and to Nikhil (in Taiwan) for their contributions over last three years.

  2. Treasurer’s report. A balance sheet was produced. We had £2640.45 at the last AGM. By the start of the 2015 season this was down to £2475.48. Our principal expenses were spring nets, £200, and Sulis fees, £600. We also subscribed to Somerset, who spelled Gregory’s name correctly but not “University”. Cash intake was £328: another £50 cash and £90 debt is held by the captain. Balance is £1878.39. There are some details to come but overall we have lost about £600. This is sustainable for a short while but we need recruits. We didn’t charge for nets but nobody came anyway. We should cancel faster.

  3. Secretary’s Report. The main questions are what we should do about recruitment and fixtures. We agreed on posters and earlier nets.

    The mailing list includes many non-players. Maybe we should use Twitter or Snapchat or Instagram or other such media, but nobody knew how to do so effectively.

    We must reach the STV, where there are likely to be recruits from people who are properly good at other sports. Posters in Indian languages might attract some attention? Posters in general should go on the STV noticeboard. The management school Exec MBA is a possible source: Alistair and Rob can help. We should have regular nets and do things earlier, in January or February. We could tweet at @bathunicricket or otherwise communicate with Bath Uni cricket.

    Maybe we should have only fortnightly Sunday games (perhaps just one against Bill Owen), playing Broughton Gifford early and then alternating our fixtures with theirs so that people such as Gregory and Omar can play for both. That may not be compatible with Broughton Gifford’s plans, though.

    There was some discussion of specific fixture, rather inconclusive.

  4. Election of officers

    There was little discussion about this:

    Captain: Simon

    Secretary: Gregory

    V-C: Dave Muddle, subject to his agreement. It is not clear that anybody has asked him. Dave, if you are reading this, are you happy to be Vice-Captain?

    Treasurer: Chris Middup

    Webmaster: Alex

    Publicity: Matt Roberts

    There was some discussion of the web page, which may have to move or change because of the new content management system. It was agreed that we should be on the university domain to emphasise that we are a University official society.

  5. Awards

    • Best bat: Chris H, ahead of Rog & Matt, especially for his Canal Taverners innings. This year there were two 50s for Matt, and one each for Rog and Chris, but no more.

    • Best bowler: Iain C, again for Canal Taverners and also Hinton Charterhouse, ahead of two Chrises and Gregory.

    • Best fielder: nobody was terrible. Nikhil, for his catches at Hinton Charterhouse and elsewhere, won it.

    • Best newcomer: Iain C

    • Most improved: Chris M, obviously. He almost always wins this award but this time there was no doubt about it.

    • Best catch: by Nikhil at Hinton Charterhouse

    • Champagne moment: apart from actually announcing a team against Bradford Town, the best moments were burgling the scorebox and then the final third run to tie, both against Combe Down

    • Best dressed: Nikhil’s flat cap won this one, with the usual mention for Roger’s torn trousers.

    • Duck of the year: Iain C for two ducks of his own and one of Simon’s, but the five ducks at Canal Taverners in a winning run chase are not to be forgotten

    • Most IPL-like: Dhuvra, for not taking guard.

    • Best remark in a match report: there weren’t many of these but the comment about disburgling the scorebox was probably the best

    • The A.J. Wolstenholme Prize for running between the wickets: Omar for turning twos into ones, fives into twos and so on as we failed in a run chase against Railway Taverners.

  6. AOB


The meeting ended at 21:42.

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