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Mathematical Sciences databases

Find the most relevant references across thousands of journal titles, conference proceedings and more using the following databases...

Core databases

  • MathSciNet - online version of Mathematical Reviews and Current Mathematical Publications published monthly by the AMS (American Mathematical Society). Now includes over 59,000 citations from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses  PDF Guide

  • SCOPUS - the world’s largest abstracts and citations database of peer-reviewed journals and patents. It searches across 46 million records from over 19,500 journals across the health, life, physical and social sciences, engineering and humanities. User guide / training videos. SCOPUS can also be used to track authors and analyse journal performance. Journal metrics guide
  • Web of SciencePDF Guide & Tutorial - Web of Science covers a wide variety of topics in all sciences - includes Web of Science Core Collection. 

Additional databases

  • PubMed - useful to those searching for articles on Mathematical Biology.
  • SIAM Locus - full text online for 15 of the SIAM journals (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics).