University of Bath

Finding dissertations and theses

How to find University of Bath dissertations and theses in the library and online or search other libraries for theses and dissertations.

Undergraduate dissertations and project reports

Undergraduate dissertations and project reports are not provided by the Library in either online or printed format.

Masters dissertations

A sample of dissertations submitted for taught Masters degree courses are kept for five years and made available online to members of the University of Bath only.  Not all departments require students to submit their dissertation to the Library so you may like to check with your department if copies are available elsewhere.

Theses (University of Bath)

How to submit your thesis to the Library: instructional guide

How to search for a University of Bath thesis: the Library holds copies of all theses submitted to the University of Bath. You can access them via the following options:  

  • Online theses: submitted since 2008 are available in the Research Portal - you can filter theses by department. Many of these theses are also available in the Library Catalogue.  

  • Online theses: submitted before 2008: some of these are available in EThOS.  

  • Print theses are available for reading in the Library only. Search for a title using the Library Catalogue.  Request a thesis at the Issue Desk on Level 2 but note the following: theses submitted in the past 10 years are available immediately but theses submitted more than 10 years ago will not be available until the next day.  

Theses listed by department (print and online): some recent theses will not appear in these lists. To view online copies only, click a link below and then click the 'full text online' option in the right-hand column.

Theses and dissertations from other institutions