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How our research is improving lives and changing the world we live in.

Our research strategy

To strengthen the impact of our research, sharpen our focus, and increase our influence, we've identified three primary research themes for working together across disciplines: Sustainability, Health & Wellbeing, and Digital.

Bath Beacons

Our multidisciplinary Beacons empower our research community to tackle major global challenges by building consortia for large-scale funding.

Research with Impact

The Research With Impact brand identity surrounded by a ripple effect

Our research is helping to change the world for the better. We work in partnership to help create a healthier, more sustainable and connected future for us all.


Research news and press releases from Bath.

Commentary and analysis

Insights from our researchers about news and current events.

The Suicide of Wales

A landscape portrait of the valleys

Prof Brad Evans, Director of the Centre for the Study of Violence writes for UnHerd about the "dejection and despair now hanging over the Valleys".

LISTEN: The Life Scientific

Dr Nick Longrich, Dept of Life Sciences talks about discovering new dinosaur species and encounters with bears on this BBC podcast.

Get involved

Find out about opportunities to take part in research projects.


Upcoming research events including public lectures and seminars by visiting academics.

The net zero transition in the UK

15 May 2024 5.15pm 10 West, 2.47, University of Bath

Alix Dietzel, Joss Garman, Chris Skidmore and Lorraine Whitmarsh discuss the UK's transition to net zero.

Is inequality the problem?

16 May 2024 5.00pm 8 West, 3.14, University of Bath

Is there a compelling case for significantly reducing economic inequality? Professor Lane Kenworthy discusses his research.