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Research Infrastructure and Facilities

We enable researchers at Bath to do their best work, whether that's through operational details or developing vision and strategy.

Material and chemical characterisation

Learn about our comprehensive material and chemical characterisation services.

Chemical Characterisation Facility

We provide a comprehensive material and chemical characterisation service. We work with the commercial sector and internal and external research institutions.​

Imaging Facility

We enable users to image samples in a variety of ways. Our services span bioimaging, flow cytometry, electron microscopy, molecular spectroscopy and metrology.

Biological research

Find out about our Biotechnology and life sciences research facilities.

Biotechnology Facility

A picture of the AKTA GO machine with the computer screen visible showing the protein purification result

A multi-user facility providing protein expression and purification services to researchers across the University and beyond.

Innovative product research

Use our Advanced Fabrication and Buildings Test facilities in your research.

Building Research Park

The Hive facility which contains closed-system laboratory spaces.

Our open-to-the-elements facility offers a platform for research into innovative building materials and constructive systems.

David Bullett Nanofabrication Facility

Some equipment in the David Bullett Nanofabrication Facility

We provide access and training on specialist equipment for micro-scale and nano-scale fabrication for University of Bath researchers and external organisations.

Fibre fabrication facility

An optical fibre preform in the fabrication facility at Bath

Find out about how we use our optical fibre fabrication facility to make speciality optical fibre and how you can access the facility for your own work.

Working with Research Infrastructure and Facilities

Find out about working with our facilities and services, including what we can offer you, how to access your data (if you're a staff member at Bath), and how to acknowledge our facilities and staff in publications.

Use our core research facilities

A scientist working in a lab

Our research facilities combine state-of-the-art equipment with highly trained staff who can work with you to enhance your research and innovation goals.

Research Infrastructure and Facilities team

Get to know the team behind the Research Infrastructure and Facilities department.

About us

Research Infrastructure and Facilities works to enable researchers at Bath to do their best work, whether that's through operational details or developing vision and strategy.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our facilities or working with us, please get in touch.