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Research culture

Putting people at the heart of research and innovation.


Keeping you updated with the latest in Research Culture.


See our upcoming events for celebrating Research Culture.

Career Development

Supporting colleagues to achieve their chosen career paths.

Coaching scheme for doctoral students

Members of the PGR coaching network

Find out if the Doctoral College's Coaching Service is right for you to support you with your own learning or address a specific research-related challenge.

Research Staff Development

Find out about development opportunities for research staff, codes of practice, induction and other support provided by the University.

Staff learning and development

Training and support to help you get started in a new role, develop your career, use University systems, manage people, and stay safe at work.


Creating an environment in which colleagues support each other to succeed.

Staff Networks and Groups

An overhead view of four people sat across from each other attending a meeting.

Our Staff Networks are dedicated spaces for colleagues sharing particular circumstances or characteristics to connect with others and share their experiences.

Open Research 

Supporting transparency, rigour, and reproducibility of research and valuing different research output types.

Open Access Service

Advice about Open Access principles and requirements to maximise the visibility of your research, comply with funding requirements and find OA materials online.

Research Data Service

The Research Data Service can provide advice on writing Data Management Plans, organising, storing, archiving, and sharing your data.

Research Design

Supporting excellent, flexible and appropriate research design.

Research Integrity and Ethics

Supporting research that is conducted to the highest standards of academic rigour.

Research Recognition

Recognising and celebrating the widest range of inputs to our excellent research.

Research with Impact

The Research With Impact brand identity surrounded by a ripple effect

Our research is helping to change the world for the better. We work in partnership to help create a healthier, more sustainable and connected future for us all.

Jobs that make a difference

See our campaign on jobs that make a difference at the University of Bath, enhancing our research culture and putting people at the heart of research and innovation.

Jobs that make a difference

Dr Steven Chapman, Advancing Research Computing Manager at the University of Bath.

Find out more about the diverse range of roles at the heart of research and innovation at Bath, contributing to improving lives and changing our world.

Our commitment

We actively support Research Culture at the University of Bath.

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