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Animal research

How and why we use animals in some of our research and teaching, and how we make sure we keep to the highest ethical standards.


Animal research news and press releases from Bath.

Digitise your dog into a computer game

Dog wearing a motion capture suit in a green screen studio; researcher adjusting a camera in the background

Researchers from CAMERA have developed motion capture technology that enables you to digitise your dog without a motion capture suit and using only one camera.

How the zebrafish got its stripes

The stripes on the body of a fish

Animal patterns are a source of endless fascination, and now researchers at the University of Bath have worked out how zebrafish develop their stripes.

Policies, codes and procedures

Our policy statement on animal research, the procedure for ethical review and the code of ethical practice we follow.

Animal research: policy statement

Side by side pictures of white mice and zebrafish in use for animal research at University of Bath

How we approach research involving animals, including regulations we follow, our ethical review process and the animal species we use in our research.

Facts and figures

Read about the type and scale of our animal research activities and their impact on animals.

Guidance and forms

What you need to do to make sure your research involving animals is ethically responsible.

Case studies

Read about our animal research in action.

Refining blood sampling in mice

A mouse is gently cupped by one person while the experimenter makes a small incision, about 2 cm from the tip of the tail, in the lateral tail vein using a sharp blade.

We've developed a minimally invasive method of blood sampling, which allows multiple samples to be taken from the same animal with as little stress as possible.