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Research institutes

Our institutes span a number of fields of research.

Our institutes

Our research institutes foster collaboration across our faculties and School, supporting our three primary institutional research themes: Sustainability, Health & Wellbeing, and Digital.

  • Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems
  • Institute for Climate Change Resilience
  • Institute for Mathematical Innovation
  • Institute for Policy Research
  • Institute for Sustainability
  • Institute for the Augmented Human
  • Institute of Coding

Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems (IAAPS)

IAAPS is a world-leading centre of excellence supporting the transport industry in the transition to net zero.

The Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems building.

Established to foster engineering innovation through the collaboration of industry, enterprise and academia, IAAPS is a wholly owned commercial subsidiary of the University of Bath.

We combine cross-sector academic rigour with commercial focus to support industry in the development and adoption of clean, efficient and affordable zero carbon propulsion technologies for integration into commercial applications. Our expertise is based on over 40 years of propulsion systems research at the University of Bath and enables a broader experimental approach than conventional test facilities.

Institute for Mathematical Innovation (IMI)

We live in the “era of mathematics”, where data, modelling, algorithms and artificial intelligence have become deeply rooted in all aspects of modern society. The Institute for Mathematical Innovation (IMI) is leading the delivery of multi-disciplinary and mathematically grounded research contextualised by real-world, societal and industrial challenges.

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Institute for Policy Research (IPR)

A leading public policy research institute, based at the University of Bath.

An illustration depicting a figure at a lectern, surrounded by icons depicting various policy factors.

We aim to further the public good through research into issues of significant relevance to policy debate and decision-making, manage networks with the worlds of policy and practice, and increase public understanding of policy research through our public events and publications.

We deliver activities for policymakers, researchers and practitioners to enable dual learning and original contributions to both research and practice.

Institute for Sustainability (IfS)

We are a community of researchers delivering world-class research in sustainability that pushes boundaries among disciplines. We solve challenges using a wide-angle, whole-systems approach complemented by a depth of scientific understanding, and build partnerships that help us keep our focus on real-world problems.

Explore IfS

Institute for the Augmented Human (IAH)

We develop and deploy technology to enhance and improve the physical and cognitive abilities of individuals.

A man with a technologically equipped hat sits in front of computer controlling events on screen with his mind.

We are a diverse community of researchers, policy makers, entrepreneurs and educators using technology to enhance and improve the physical and cognitive abilities of individuals. We believe in a holistic ecosystem for the development and deployment of human augmentation that considers the technological, ethical, societal, moral, and regulatory aspects.

Institute for Climate Change Resilience (IfCCR)

We are an interdisciplinary institute tackling the themes of net zero, energy security and environmental protection through the lenses of societal wellbeing and climate risk and resilience.

Find out about some of the research by academics in the IfCCR through the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations.

Homemade placards held aloft during a climate emergency demonstration.

Institute of Coding (IoC)

We’re a large national consortium of educators, employers and outreach organisations that is co-developing new courses to help a larger and more diverse group of learners into digital careers.

A Institute of Coding-branded USB thumb drive.

The IoC was launched in January 2018 in response to the UK’s digital skills gap, with £20 million in funding from the Office for Students. With this initial project complete, we are continuing our work across a variety of exciting projects, including developing and delivering a series of Skills Bootcamps for the Department for Education.