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Institute for Policy Research

A leading public policy research institute, based at the University of Bath.


Highlights from our latest research, analysis, activities and programmes.

Our research

We aim to further the public good through research into issues of significant relevance to policy debate and decision-making.

The welfare state, family and work

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Exploring universal basic income and the welfare state, family and work, focusing on the political economy, its tools, methods and explanatory frameworks.

Policy programmes

Learn more about our policymaker and practitioner programmes, and sabbatical and internship schemes.

The IPR sabbatical scheme

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Bath academics can apply to spend a semester at the IPR to work on an interdisciplinary research project with substantial policy and public engagement.

IPR internships

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Apply now for an internship with the Institute for Policy Research (IPR).

Our courses

Learn more about our postgraduate programmes.

Masters (MSc) in Public Policy

MSc in Public Policy

This Masters degree offers students the opportunity to study how public policy is made, what shapes it and how to make a real difference as a policymaker.

Climate change and the environment

Our latest work, activity and updates on environment and climate change policy.

About the COP26 Universities Network

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We're a member of the COP26 Universities Network - a growing group of 80+ UK-based universities and centres working towards tangible outcomes from COP26.

ActNowFilm shortlisted for COP26

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ActNowFilm, a youth voices film project led by the COP26 Universities Network, has been shortlisted for selection at COP26 – the UN Climate Change Conference.


Read our publications including reports, policy briefs, blogs, and the latest academic papers.

Connect with us

Find out more about the IPR, and stay up-to-date with our latest research, publications, events and news.

IPR policy podcasts

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Listen to our IPR policy podcasts to catch up on the best of our lectures and seminars.


Our latest news stories and service updates.

Upcoming events

Find out about our upcoming events

Is it time for Universal Basic Income?

6 Oct 2021 9.00am Online

Organised with Bristol Festival of Ideas, this conference brings together leading thinkers, politicians and policymakers to debate economic change and UBI.

About us

We aim to further the public good through research into issues of significant relevance to policy debate and decision-making, build links with the worlds of policy and practice, and increase public understanding of policy research through our public events and publications.

We deliver activities for policymakers, researchers and practitioners to enable dual learning and original contributions to both research and practice.


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