University of Bath


Details of our upcoming events, including conferences, public lectures, arts performances and exhibitions and sporting fixtures.

  • How Does Government Listen to Scientists?

    28 Feb 2019 12.30PM 8 West 3.14, University of Bath

    Listen to Dr Claire Craig CBE explore how science works in government, and what this can tell us about its place in wider public debates.

  • Where Next for UK Aid?

    8 Mar 2019 2.15PM 10 West 2.47, University of Bath

    Listen to Amy Dodd and Richard Darlington discuss the future of UK aid under the shadow of Brexit.

  • Data-Driven Policing and Public Value

    20 Mar 2019 10.00AM The Foundry, London

    Listen to IPR Visiting Fellow, Dr Ian Kearns, and Sir Thomas Winsor discuss forthcoming report on data-driven policing at The Police Foundation launch event.

  • Are We Real? Consciousness and Fiction

    27 Mar 2019 5.15PM Chancellors' Building 1.12, University of Bath

    In this IPR Public Lecture, Professor Markus Gabriel will discuss fiction as a component of human thought and ideology.

  • Social Mobility and Education in Britain

    21 May 2019 5.15PM 10 West 2.45, University of Bath

    Listen to Erzs├ębet Bukodi and John Goldthorpe discuss their recently published book 'Social Mobility and Education in Britain: Research, Politics and Policy'.