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University of Bath

Institute for Policy Research central team

We carry out public policy research, deliver programmes for policymakers, practitioners, researchers and postgraduates, and run high-profile public events.

We aim to further the public good through research into issues of significant relevance to policy debate and decision-making, build links with the worlds of policy and practice, and increase public understanding of policy research through our public events and publications.

We deliver activities for policymakers, researchers and practitioners to enable dual learning and original contributions to both research and practice.

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Central team

PhD students

Professional Doctorate students in their thesis stage

    Theses titles are as follows:

    • Sooksiri Chamsuk, Carbon emission reduction and well-being: Unravelling greenhouse gas emission reduction, carbon finance, and development in Asia
    • Jeff Farrar, The Incentives and Disincentive in Adopting a System Wide Approach to Cross Public Sector Challenges
    • Andrew Fyfe, From billions to trillions? An assessment of the evaluability of multi-lateral agencies’ claims to crowd in the private sector to support financing the SDGs in low income countries
    • Sue Godt, Global governance and private foreign investment in low income country health and education services
    • Njahira Karanja, The blockchain and management of juveniles in Kenya’s criminal justice system
    • Ali Salman, Digital economy transformation and policy in Malaysia and Pakistan

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