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University of Bath

Amy Thompson Head of Policy Programmes and Communications

Amy is responsible for the IPR’s strategy to engage with, inform & influence policy decision-makers as well as delivery of the IPR’s Communications.


Amy's responsibilities include:

  • Development and implementation of successful policy engagement and knowledge exchange.
  • Delivery of IPR Policy Programmes including: the Policy Fellowship Programme, the IPR CSaP Affiliation Policy Fellowship Programme, Civil Service Learning Masterclass series, and the Visiting Fellows and Visiting Policy Fellows Schemes.
  • Leading and advising on IPR strategic policy, knowledge exchange and communications activities.
  • Delivering the portfolio of IPR public lectures and events.
  • Managing the delivery of IPR publications.
  • Leading IPR web strategy.

Related posts

  • University lead for the Universities Policy Engagement Network.
  • University lead for UK Universities Climate Network
  • University lead for The Foundation for Science and Technology
  • Advisory Board member, Institute for Mathematical Innovation


-Youth voices and climate change


A public policy and communications specialist with experience of connecting, and translating between, policy and research. I develop and deliver strategies to engage with, inform and influence policy audiences, as well as connecting research more widely through digital communications and public engagement.

I have significant experience in enabling policy engagement and policy impact, networking and translating between academia and policy audiences, developing communication strategies, production of policy publications and reports, and public engagement particularly at the interface between public policy research and policy engagement.

I deliver international programmes on sustainable farming and food production; the role of soil; biodiversity and ecosystem protection; regenerative land management; geo-engineering; blue carbon and the role of our oceans and rivers; raising the profile of youth voices in the climate change debates; sustainable and automated transport; green energy.

Amy works part-time, from Monday to Wednesday.